GavilanCSIS 85
Web Design I: Dreamweaver

Weekly Schedule


Date Topic Resources
Tuesday, June 15
  • Tour of dreamweaver.
  • Basics of web, web pages, web sites.
  • Create a simple web page.
  • HTML, CSS, images, scripts.
  • Our basic work cycle
  • Timeline of webdesign styles
Thursday, June 17
  • What is HTML?
  • Basic text formatting - styles palette.
  • The hyperlink.
  • The image.
  • The genres
  • Site evaluation
Tuesday, June 2
  • What is a web site?
  • Setting up a site.
  • Organizing files.
  • Navigation on a site.
  • Synchronizing files, local and remote.
Thursday, June 24  
Tuesday, June 29
  • How is page layout done?
  • The box / block model.
  • Design with tables.
  • Width, spans, backgrounds, layout tricks.
  • Table magic.
Thursday, July 1
  • Library, snippets, auto-text and templates in DW
Tuesday, July 6  
  • CSS - making a style and using it.
  • CSS properties.
  • Attach a style file to multiple web pages.
  • Fonts, headings, structure.
  • Layout and design.
Thursday, July 8    
Tuesday, July 13
  • Interaction and dynamic sites
  • Database tools in DW
  • Javascript library in DW: roll-over, ajax
Thursday, July 15
  • The specialties: design, code, javascript, interaction, flash, database, sys-admin, copy, jack-of-all-trades
  • Plug-ins and embeds
  • Drop in / pasted code
  • Web 2.0
Tuesday, July 20    
Thursday, July 22
  • Final class - 90 minute test
  • Present site projects

Week 1
Students learn how different versions of HTML will affect their audience.
Students learn how different browsers and browser versions will affect their audience.
Students learn how to use DreamWeaver to construct simple web pages.

Week 2
Students learn how to set up a site and organize files.
Students do more formatting and positioning of images and text.
Students use meta tags and links in web pages.

Week 3
Students add more types of links for web pages.
Students use the HTML source editor to modify code.
Students use e-mail links and image maps.

Week 4
Students will learn new uses of tables, images and background.
Students will improve their understanding of good design technique.
Students will work with a wide variety of font properties.

Week 5
Students will set up simple and complex tables.
Students will use tables to design useful web pages.
Students will use features of tables such as width, alignment and nested tables.
Students use colors, images and background in tables.

Week 6
Students will use CSS to modify isolated web units and HTML tags.
Students will set-up custom styles using CSS.
Students will set-up an external style sheet.

Week 7
Students will use frames to set up a page.
Students will design a framed page that had been done with tables.
Students will learn the problems of frames such as accessibility and browser compatibility.

Week 8
Students will look at different types of rollovers to determine their use and misuse.
Students will use animator, pointer and multiple-event rollovers.
Students will examine form use on the web for good/bad design.
Students will set-up a form with text input, radio and checkboxes.
Students will use select lists