Succeeding at Gavilan in Your First Year


The project:

Students from Gavilan College's First-Year Experience program share some of the strategies they have found most helpful in managing the demands of school. Many are balancing busy work and family lives in addition to taking a full load of classes. Here they share their own experiences, interviews with counselors and successful transfer students, as well as research on college survival skills. We hope that by reading about their experiences, you will find encouragement and practical tips to help you succeed in college.

Students created these webpages as part of a learning community linking English: 260 Reading and English 250: Writing, taught by Kyle Hull and Karen Warren. As part of this program, we learned about campus resources, such as the Basic Skills Network, TRIO, EOPS, counseling, the career/transfer center, the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and financial aid. Students also read Daniel Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence, which emphasizes the role of motivation and persistence in student's success.

Gavilan College, with a population of approximately 4,000 students, is located in a South Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Many of the students writing here are the first in their families to attend college.

For their assistance with this project, we wish to thank the Writing Center assitants who worked with us this semester, including Angela, Uriel, Omar, Aaron, Irene, Tommy, and Martha. For technical assistance, special thanks goes to our campus webmaster, Kyle Billups.

Time Management
Finances for College
Academic Planning
Success Strategies

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