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     I was born in San Jose, California and moved to Gilroy when I was in the third grade.  I graduated from Gilroy High School in 1986.  I went away to California State University, Chico for my freshman year of college.  I returned to Gavilan the following year, where I played on the basketball team, wrote for the school paper, explored music (I was a composer for a few years, thanks to Art Juncker), and was the ASB president.  Two years later I went back to Chico where I got a B.A. in Liberal Studies.  I then transferred to California State University, Sacramento, where I got my second B.A. in English.  I continued at Sacramento State and got my M.A. in English.  After I graduated, I taught at nine different community colleges and one private high school.  I am thrilled that I ended up at Gavilan in my hometown.  From a very early age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  It is probably due to the fact that I’m very close with my father, who was an English professor here at Gavilan.  He was also the men’s basketball coach at Gavilan for over 25 years (I played for him for two years.), and I coached the team for a couple of years as well.

Film Production

     I teach film history and film production at Gavilan.  I currently teach a wide variety of film classes, including Film and Fiction (Engl. 2C), Introduction to the Cinema (Hum 3), American Cinema (Hum 4), International Cinema (Hum 6), Approaches to Modern Cinema (Hum 10), Screenplay Writing (Thea 20), and Film Production (Hum 25).

     I have always loved movies, and I started writing screenplays more than 20 years ago.  As much as I love to write screenplays, however, it was not enough to satisfy my desire to make movies.  That is why I took the next step.  I am now an independent filmmaker.  I have made dozens of shorts, a documentary, and two feature-length films, entitled It’ll Happen and Spyware.  I am in currently shooting my next feature film, entitled Death Pact, which should be released next year.

You can see more about my film company, Reelized Pictures, at our web page: