Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Legal Principles of Real Estate RE 165, Section 8180
Summer 2007 - 6 week online course
Sonia S. Banks, Esq. (Attorney At Law, LLM Taxation, Real Estate Broker)
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Required Text:
California Real Estate Law, Sixth Edition, by William Pivar and Robert Bruss
Course Format:
Class format for this course is on line completely with no class meetings. Therefore, you will all need regular access to the internet and adequate typing skills to communicate your understanding of this course.

The course format is structured with reading assignments and writing assignments. Please note that this class is a short summer course and a very intensive course as it fulfills a Real Estate Broker requirement and a Real Estate Sales Licensing requirement. Therefore, this course demands a good deal of dedication and time.
Reading Assignments:
Reading Assignments are noted in this syllabus and it is the responsibility of each student to read all assignments and keep up with the reading. It is important to read the Reading Assignments for each week as the Writing Assignments which correspond to the reading are time sensitive, which means you will only have the week of the Reading Assignment to complete the Writing Assignment. See section on Writing Assignment for further detail. Reading Assignments can be found in this syllabus, or by the Assignment link in the left column or via the Assignment folder icon link that I have created on your home page for you. Since this course is a short term course and an internet course, you will have the benefit of having your own time schedule to complete the reading but you will have the burden of having to read and understand three chapters of reading for each week. See assignment breakdown further down in this Syllabus.


Writing Assignments:

Writing Assignments shall be posted via Quizzes link each week on Mondays. There shall be a Writing Assignment for each week corresponding to the Reading Assignment for that respective week. Accordingly, the Writing Assignments are coordinated with the chapter Reading Assignments. Since there are Fifteen Chapters in the text - there will be Fifteen Writing Assignments. Writing Assignments are essay questions which shall vary between one to five essay questions for each Reading Assignment and shall earn you 30 points possible per Writing Assignment. The total number of points in the course will be 450 points possible. With the grades you earn in each assignment will give you a good idea of what grade you are earning in the class throughout the course.

Writing Assignments have a specified time limit. This means that you will have a specified time limit within which to complete the writing assignments. Once you go over the time limit the program will automatically cut you off. However, with that said, I have allocated sufficient time within which you could complete the writing assignments.

Further, Writing Assignments will be released every Monday along with the Reading Assignment for that week so you will have seven days to prepare, complete and submit the Writing Assignments. You are also permitted to access the Writing Assignments at least twice. Writing Assignments will be due the following Monday. See Syllabus for further detail below.

You will only have one week to complete the three Writing Assignments for the week, so pay close attention to the due dates of the Assignments and get them in on time.

The Class is a summer course and very intensive which means much work will be expected from you. You will generally be assigned three chapters per week to read and therefore Three Writing Assignments per week to complete.

The reasoning behind having the Writing Assignments limited in time is to ensure that the entire class is keeping up and moving through the course material at the same speed so as to assure a level playing field to all students by not allowing some students to wait until the last few weeks of the course to complete what others have devoted 6 weeks to accomplish.

As this is an online course, monitoring each student's progress through the course raises inherent issues, therefore, by keeping all assignments time sensitive, we are collectively ensuring a fair class.

Writing Assignments are structured to test your understanding and analysis of the reading materials. Writing Assignments are generally essay questions designed to incorporate the Reading Assignments and your personal analysis into the answers. Writing Assignments shall be graded individually with grades returned in privacy.
Lecture Outlines

I will be providing to you my Lecture Outlines and Instructor Notes for each of the Reading Assignments. This is to assist you in organizing the information in the text. Though the text is well written and comprehensive, it offers you a lot of information in great detail, without much organizational clarity. Hence, the lecture outlines are to provide you with an analytical framework to understand the concepts in the text. These Lecture Outlines are not meant as a short cut to understanding the course concepts and they do not cover the substantive material in detail - they are meant as outlines to structure your analysis and guide your understanding. So, please use them accordingly. Lecture Outlines will also be posted each Monday for the relevant chapters covered by the Reading Assignments.

You may access the Lecture Outlines directly using the link I created for you in each of the week's home page. Please note that the Lecture Outlines are also time sensitive and will be withdrawn after a period of time.
Course Description and Learning Objectives:
This course offers you an understanding of the laws that affect all aspects of Real Estate such as the Laws of Agency, Responsibilities of Real Estate Licensees, Laws of Contracts and Real Estate Contracts, Property Laws such as Recording Statutes, Ownership of Real Property, Acquisitions and Conveyances of Real Property, Rights related to Real Property, Escrow and Title Insurance Requirements and Security Devices in Real Property as well as Landlord Tenant Law.
Student Honesty and Academic Integrity:
Gavilan College is an educational institution of higher professional learning and growth. Accordingly, Gavilan College requires and maintains a strict policy of academic honesty and integrity as an ethical and professional concern. Academic Integrity refers to cheating and plagiarism. Academic Integrity is to ensure that each student receives quality education in each course and to further enhance the value of a degree received from Gavilan College which maintains the highest education and academic integrity standards. As such, cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be punished.


Week One: June 18, 2007:

Reading Assignment One:
Chapter One: Sources of Law and Judicial System.
Chapter Two: Laws of Agency
Chapter Three: Duties and Responsibilities of Licensees

Writing Assignment One:
Covering Chapters One, Two and Three
Will Be Posted on Monday, June 18, 2007 and
Due Monday, June 25, 2007

Week Two: June 25, 2007:
Reading Assignment Two:
Chapter Four: Regulation of Licensees
Chapter Five: Laws of Contracts
Chapter Six: Real Estate Contracts

Writing Assignment Two:
Covering Chapters Four Five and Six
Posted June 25, 2007 and Due
July 2, 2007
Week Three: July 2, 2007:
Reading Assignment Three:
Chapter Seven: Property, Estates and Recordings
Chapter Eight: Ownership of Real Property
Chapter Nine: Acquisitions and Conveyances

Writing Assignment Three:
Covering Chapters Seven Eight and Nine
Posted July 2, 2007
Due July 9, 2007
Week Four: July 9, 2007:
Reading Assignment Four:
Chapter Ten: Real Property Security Devices
Chapter Eleven: Involuntary Liens and Homesteads
Chapter Twelve: Chapter Twelve: Adjacent Property Rights

Writing Assignment Four:
Covering Chapters Ten Eleven Twelve
Posted July 9, 2007
Due July 16, 2007
Week Five: July 16, 2007: Reading Assignment Five:
Chapter Thirteen: Land Use Controls
Chapter Fourteen: Escrow and Title Insurance
Chapter Fifteen: Landlord Tenant Law

Writing Assignment
Covering Chapters Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen
Posted July 16, 2007
Due July 23, 2007
Last Week of Class - All Final Writing Assignment due July 23, 2007
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns - or call me at the number indicated above. I generally return calls within 24 hours and emails within 12 hours of receipt.

I look forward to meeting each of you on-line for a successful educational experience!

Prof. Sonia Banks, Esq,