Biology 20- Human Biology

Date Lecture Activity/Assignment

Exam #1

Chapter 1-4 and sections of chapter 18

Chapter 1

Board notes- Intro and Sci Methods





  Chapter 2 Chemical composition of the cell
  Chapter 3 Cell continue
  Chapter 18 Selections from Ch. 18
  Chapter 4 Tissues and anatomical terms

Exam #2

Chapter 5-8 and Chapters 11 & 12


  Chapter 5 Skeleton
  Chapter 6


  Chapter 11 Nervous system
  Chapter 12 Senses
  Chapter 8 Heart and Vessels
  Chapter 7 Blood

Lecture on Exam 3/Final

Ch. 10, 13-16


  Chapter 10 Respiratory
  Chapter 13 Endocrine
  Chapter 15


  Chapter 14 Digestion
  Chapter 16 Reproductive
Final Study Questions

Here are five new possible exam questions for the final.

  1. Explain what is occurring to the biochemistry of an individual that is having a panic attack and hyperventilating.  What area of the body is affected by the current change in the blood?  How can we help and why?
  2. As your eating your lunch (meatball sandwich) you decide to review some biology and describe the path of food as it passes through your digestive tract. Be sure to list where carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are digested and absorbed. 
  3. Explain why a person that has diabetes mellitus would administer their insulin right before a meal.  What would happen if they administer too much insulin?  What can you do to help the person recover?
  4. Describe ovulation and the path of the egg as it journeys to the uterine wall in the presence of sperm.  Be sure to include the female anatomy and the organisms development.
  5. What is the major function of the kidneys and describe the steps of urine formation and where these steps occur.