Energy and Engineering

Power and Energy Calculation

how much power from a windmill?

energy simulation for buildings and homes

Wind Power

Intro and overview, from

Pico turbine: plans and kits for tiny windmills

About turbine generators, 3 phase generator/motors

Design, construction and output of a home-built turbine

Video of blade design in action

Build your own turbine: links, pictures, projects

Science fair wind turbines

Yet more design plans

Savonius - vertical turbine, how to build (or, how to using a water bottle)

windmeter - how it works, how to build it

gut a big fan to make a windmill

Solar Power


Other Sources of power

Human (pedal) powered appliances

Fully off the grid cabin, gas generator. Overview of whole system.

General Power/Energy Info

Electric Power

Passive Solar

Overview: passive solar construction

Trombe wall

Passive Solar report. Oak Ridge Labs


kill-a-watt (a simple meter) review

Forums / Discussion



world energy resources and consumption

us federal budget

shadow government statistics


Bachelor's degree in renewable energy (OIT)


real goods


Misc. Links - projects, photos, links

city of seattle - green building

eco city builders