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  1. What is a web site, in terms of folders and files?

  2. What is a web page?

  3. What does view source do in the web browser?

  4. What are some examples of filename extensions? What are they used for?

  5. What's the difference between an absolute and a relative URL? When is it appropriate to use each one?

  6. What does include dependent files? mean?

  7. What is the advantage of using CSS on a web site?

  8. Why doesn't a design appear exactly the same in DW, FF, or IE?

  9. What steps can I take to make my web page usable on any sized screen?

  10. What is the local site root?

  11. What are the image formats used in web pages?

  12. What is a typical screen resolution?

  13. What are the tradeoffs when using tables versus CSS for page layout?

  14. What 3 pieces of information do you need to access an account on a web server?

Can you...?

  1. Make a link

  2. Make an internal anchor and link to it

  3. Make a list, ordered or unordered

  4. Make a table

  5. Use a table for page layout

  6. Use an image as the background of a page

  7. Set the title of a web page

  8. Define a style in a stylesheet and use it in more than one page

  9. Log into a web server and make a backup of the whole site

  10. Insert a form into a web page

Fill in the blank...

  1. A link consists of ___________ and _____________ .

  2. A web page is actually a ___________ file, (written in the _______ language,) along with the associated _____________ .

  3. The structure of a URL on a web site is (most often) determined by the structure of ____________ and ____________ on the web server.


  1. What is the domain name?

  2. What is the TLD?

  3. On the web server, what is the name of the folder that contains a file named “21vacancies.html”?

  4. Why do file names end with a “dot” and 3 or 4 letters?