GavilanCSIS 54: Recommended Reading

The book is Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition, by Elizabeth Castro.

Background Reading

You can get a flavor for what perl has to offer with the following articles:

Reference Material

Perl was invented in the "age of the internet", and was part of the infrastructure that comprised the internet at that time. There is complete documentation and reference material for the Perl language and components online. Your first stop for anything perl-related should be


These, and many other tutorials about perl, can be useful for different points of view, especially if you don't want to buy the textbook.

Beginning Perl, by Simon Cozens

Introductory Videos on Perl, by Steven Devijver

The PerlMonks collection of tutorials


Other useful reading

CPAN Frequently asked questions

The Perl Cookbook - Common recipes. The code is online, and the book is for sale.

Question and answer sites: StackOverflow (practical how-to), PerlMonks (advanced and theoretical), AskMetafilter (lots of practical getting-things-done scenarios).


Vaguely Related

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