Python Programming Subjects and Links

Info, Intros, Idioms

python idioms (code like a pythonista)

more useful idioms

PEP 8 - style guide



Sage Notebook - mathy python

Jython - let python call or be called by java objects.

Misc Packages

These are (potentially) useful and interesting projects going on. Many more are out there!

Misc Authors



There are 3 ways (at least) to get python running on Windows. Read this post for advice.

  1. ActiveState distro (for windows)
  2. 2.5.2 for Windows, Mac, & Linux with
    Python extensions for Windows
  3. Cygwin unix environment on Windows

Writing & Essays

compared to other languages

on scripting, by Ousterhout

on software at NASA






Web programming

Didn't take off in python the way it did in perl, and later, PHP. Nonetheless, it is a viable option, and offers many advantages.

Platform specific

applescript with python



many computing and science video lectures

99 prolog problems done in python (based on this)

strategy game programming