English 1B: Composition & Literature   

Spring 2014


Welcome to the information page for Engl 1B. You will be able to access the course byJanuary 27, 2014.

Note for online students: If this is your first time taking an online class, please review the log-in instructions below. On the first day of class, click on the link in the yellow box below to log in. You must begin the course by 11:59 p.m., January 27, or you will be dropped. Late adds must log in and begin work within 24 hours of adding the course. Please contact me by email if you have any questions. For more information about online classes, email disted@gavilan.edu

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Karen Warren, kwarren@gavilan.edu
Office phone: (408) 848-4850
Office: Li120, The Writing Center

I will be available to answer questions online, by phone, and on campus.

Date, Time & Place: Online
This class meets entirely online. Students will be required to complete assigned readings, writings, online discussion, quizzes or exams, and projects each week. There will be weekly due dates, but students may log on to complete work at any time during the week. 
Description: English 1B continues the work begun in 1A (Composition), but now the emphasis shifts to writing expository prose in conjunction with reading and analyzing imaginative literature. Students are to write as fledgling critics and use the text as a basis for other forms of reflection. The reading requirement includes short stories, poetry, drama, and novels. Course work will also include fundamentals of research writing.
Objectives: Students will learn to appreciate literature as a means of understanding and enjoying the world around them. Students will become more fluent writers as they experiment with a variety of genres, including both expressive and expository writing.  
Web Orientations: Please see the Gavilan Distance Education webpage for information about online classes, orientations, and tips for succeeding. If you have never taken an online course, an orientation will provide critical information to help you be successful in this class. If you are unable to attend an orientation on campus, an online tutorial will be available.
Texts: The texts being used for the current semester are listed below. These may change:
Spider Woman's Granddaughters, edited by Paula Gunn Allen
Martin & Meditations on the South Valley, by Jimmy Santiago Baca
All I Asking For Is My Body, by Milton Murayama
Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston
Angels in America, Pt. 1, by Tony Kushner
The books are available in the Gavilan bookstore or online.
Syllabus: For more details, you can see the class syllabus for the current semester.

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