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In order to log into your online course, you must:

Follow this formula for creating your User I.D.
  • your entire last name, lower case.
  • the last four digits of your social security number.

Albert Einstein, with SSN#111 22 3333, would log in like the picture on the left. einstein3333

  • Leave your password blank.
  • first log-in screen for Etudes
    Once you are in, you will be asked to create your own password. Below are step-by-step suggestions for creating your password.


    If you've never been able to get into your class
    You are following the formula for logging in, and you still can't get in. It could be that you registered late and haven't yet been entered into the system, or that you are entered into our system with a variation in your name.

    Please do not keep trying to log in until you are crazy with frustration. The problem may be simply that we have your name entered with a different spelling. Follow these steps:
    1. Call the reference desk at the Gavilan College Library (408) 848-4806, or email the reference librarian at They will have copies of the class rosters and will be able to tell you if you are registered and entered into the system, and what to use for your user i.d.
    2. Email the distance learning coordinator, Peter Howell , at -- he will have access to your online course and will be able to see if (and how) your name is entered into the class.
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    If you got in once but have never been able to get back
    When you first logged in, you were asked to create your password. You are probably now entering this password with a slight variation in spelling or capitalization.

    Please do not keep trying to log in until you are crazy with frustration. The problem may be simply that you've misspelled the password.

    E-mail the distance learning coordinator at once, at He can find your password and tell you what it is.

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    Hints for creating a password.
    Once you are successfully logged into the class and are setting up your new password, keep these simple rules in mind. You'll find it easier to remember your password if you:

    password screen for etudes

    • Keep the letters either all lower case, or all capitals. Use monkey or MONKEY, but don't use Monkey.

    • Use a word that you can remember easily (your dog's name, the month of your birthday, your mother's name), but that is not easily guessed by your enemies. Don't use your own name.

    • For extra security, you could change all o's to zeros, or all i's to the number one. rover would become r0ver, and lizzie would be l1zz1e.
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    Registering for the Online Forums.

    Some of your classes will require you to register for the forum section of the class. This is true for all classes where your instructor is dividing you into small groups.

    You can get specific information for the forum registration at the forum help page. When you register, remember to use your same i.d. and password that you created for this class! Nobody should be expected to remember several different logins and passwords for the same class.

    Good luck in your classes. Remember one of the characteristics of successful online students is that they don't hesitate to ask for help. Please let me know if you have other questions or problems.

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