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March 28, 2009 10 am to 1 pm
Gavilan College PB5


A Survey: adjectives to describe yourself. contributed by Vanessa Kirchner
The story of Cesar Chavez contributed by Sonya Chapman-Morley. This handout is from the Dan Spalding ESL Garden website.
Which is bigger?A crossword for comparatives/superlatives, contributed by Sonya Chapman-Morley. This handout is from the ESL Tower website.
Dialog Relay: practice in listening, speaking, pronunciation and dictation skills. Contributed by Lisa Rivoallon
3 Games: Odd Word Out, Beanbag Toss, and Finish the Sentence, by Vanessa Kirchner
Guess Who?, a grid of faces that students can use to practice descriptions, contributed by Vanessa Kirchner.
Have You Ever? A series of questions to start conversations about your students' experiences, contributed by Vanessa.
How Often Do you? Practice with 'every day', 'once a week', 'once a month', or never. Contributed by Vanessa.
Find Someone Who... Questions and topics for students to discuss, contributed by Lisa
Monday Memo - the goals for the week, including vocabulary and new grammar, special events, and a joke, contributed by Sonya.
Opposite Directions Crossword - from the LanternFish ESL website ( contributed by John Howell.
Suggested Topics- for written responses and student talk. Contributed by Lisa.
Picture Story - students tell the story following the pictures. Contributed by Sonya.
Spring Rhyming Exercise, contributed by Vanessa.


Brushing your Teeth, to the tune of "Where oh Where Has my Little Dog Gone", contributed by Maria Segovia.
Cleaning up Spilled Milk, to the tune of "Three Blind Mice", contributed by Maria Segovia.
Eating an Apple, to the tune of "This Old Man", contributed by Maria Segovia.
Eating Cereal for Breakfast, sung as a chant, by Maria Segovia.
Every Breath You Take, by the Police, contributed by John Howell
Getting Dressed, sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean", contributed by Maria.
Get up Stand up, by Bob Marley, contributed by John.
Getting up in the Morning, to the tune of "Skip to my Lou", contributed by Maria.
Here Comes the Sun, lyrics, vocabulary and cloze exercises, contributed by Lisa Rivoallon
Making a Sandwich, sung as a chant, by Maria.
More Beatle Songs - Imagine, Let It Be, and Yesterday, with vocabulary and cloze exercises, contributed by Lisa
Never on Sunday, by the Chordettes, contributed by John. Cloze exercise for "Never on Sunday".
Wash your Hands, to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot". Contributed by Maria.

Text Recommendations

Live Action English, by Elizabeth Romijn and Contee Seeley.
Live Action English Interractive Workbook Level 2, by Elizabeth Romijn.
    Example of a worksheet using present progressive (ing) verbs
Zero Prep for Beginners, by Laurel Pollard, et al.
Recommended by John Howell

Website Recommendations
Bogglesworld, for activities and crossword puzzles.
ESL Garden, from Dan Spalding's website - lots of stories on American History with vocabulary and discussion.
ESL Tower - for extra skill building in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.
More Internet Resources, from Sonya Chapman-Morley. Initial assessments, goal setting tools, theory and research, lesson plan from SFCC.

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