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CSIS 132: Intermediate Word Processing
using MS Word 2010
Spring Online 2012
January 31 - May 18, 2012
Start date: January 31, 2012

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CSIS 132: Intermediate Word Processing using MS Word 2010
This course will continue where CSIS 126 leaves off.  It will include advanced features of Microsoft Word such as merging documents, sorting and selecting data, formatting with special features, adding visual appeal to documents, formatting with macros and styles, working with shared documents, creating specialized tables and indexes, preparing and protecting forms, and sharing data.

OBJECTIVES: The student will demonstrate ability to: (1) Use the advanced features of the word processing software. (2) Create and format documents; select and edit text. (3) Perform document merges, sorting, macros (4) Create styles   (5) Create forms, tables, indexes, templates. (6) Use advanced features of graphics.

Most lessons will consist of viewing a video tutorial presentation, doing hands-on activities to learn the techniques presented in the book Chapters, completing exercises at the end of each chapter, submitting these completed exercises to me for grading, participating in a discussion forum with classmates, and posing any questions that you may have or answers to questions posed to the instructor and classmates.

This course will meet entirely online.

Online in a web classroom environment called MOODLE.

We will be working inside the Gavilan iLearn online class management system, which has a list of modules. Under each module, there will be references or links to a video or PowerPoint presentation (or instructions to view these resources on a CD that you will receive from me), to an assignment, sometimes to a short quiz, and sometimes to a forum discussion. In the assignment link, there will be a place where you upload your completed assignments for me to evaluate. I will grade these exercises and give you feedback on them.

Under the administration block on the left side of the screen, there is a link to view your grades. Many times, especially if you did not get the entire full points on an assignment, I will leave comments in that grade area. So please be sure to check those comments. You'll need to scroll down, past your submission, to see my comments.

The link to People under the participants block will give you a list of everyone in the class. You can click someone's name to send them a private message.

Instructor: Jan Conrey
CSIS Dept.

Please read this entire page before logging in.

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Go to this webpage:
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Click on the section you are registered in.
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Online Support and Web Orientations:
The Gavilan Library will offer several Orientations to Online Courses during the first two weeks of each semester. If you have never taken an online course, this orientation will provide critical information to help you be successful in this class. If you are unable to attend an orientation on campus, an online tutorial will be available. To access this tutorial, scroll down on the Orientation to Online Courses page to the Dates and Times section. Then click on the link for Lessons in Order 1 through 16. For more details, see the schedule of orientations.
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Important Course Information:
Students will be required to complete assigned readings and exercises, view video tutorials or PowerPoint presentations, submit completed exercises for evaluation points, participate in online forum discussions, and answer questions about the material on a weekly basis.

Students are expected to know how to save files, copy and paste text, change file formats, send and receive email and attachments, and navigate the internet.

Students are responsible for their computer use and accessibility. Should your computer fail, you are required to seek alternative computer use through a library, Gavilan College computer lab, or other viable source. Computer problems are not a legitimate reason for not getting work turned in on time. Allow yourself plenty of time to get the work done well ahead of any deadline.

There will be weekly due dates, but students may log on to complete work at any time during the day/week. Students may also work ahead through the assignments, however they must also participate each week in a discussion forum pertaining to that week's assignment.

Required Textbook:
Benchmark Series: Microsoft Word 2007 Level 2 - Windows Vista Version,
by Rutkosky/Rutkosky ISBN 978-0-76383-063-2
The text is available in the Gavilan Bookstore or you may wish to order it online from,, or another online book store.



If you have any questions or problems, contact me right away. As an online student, the responsiblity for keeping up and getting help when you need it sits squarely on your shoulders.

I can't see you, so I won't know when you're having problems.
It's up to you to let me know.

You can always reach me through email at


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