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Pysical Science Class, Spring 2014

--12-May-2014 12:47 PDT

Preparing for the Final Exam

I've posted a practice final exam, which we will go over in class tonight, and a set of slides that outline the chatpers and sections required. Use these as a study guide for the final over the next week.

For tonight, the plan is to review the homework given in class last week and then to move on to the practive final. I hope you will find this enjoyable and enlightening.

Final Review Slides

Practice Final

--26-Apr-2014 20:00 PST

Just what will be covered in Monday's class?

The start to the slides for chapters 10 and 11 are up, but only the first slides that shows what we'll be doing Monday and what sections of the test you will be responsible for learning. I'll give the homework assingments later when the slides shows are finished. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

See the Chapter 10 Slides

See the Chapter 11 Slides

--21-Apr-2014 12:30 PST

Updates and Tonight's Plan

The class schedule has been updated. Since the make-up midterm is not for everyone, I will simply pass out the results and if you have questions, we'll address them. Otherwise we will have time tonight only to review last weeks Chapter 8 homework and to take a short quiz on Chapter 8. The lecture will cover Chapter 9 but only selected sections (9.1, 9.3 and 9.7). See the class schedule.

See the Chapter 9 Slides

The next two weeks will cover Chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13, selected sections. Those particular sections that will be covered in these four chapters will be on my Wednesday update (Tuesday night, if possible) so that you can plan accordingly.

--13-Apr-2014 19:00 PST

Updates and Tonight's Plan

The class schedule has been updated as we roll with the punches. Monday nights class will finsh Chpater 8 by doing the homework, intrducing the magnetic field and the transformer. Then we'll answer questions and go to the makeup midterm exam for those of you who need it. If you're not taking the make up, you can leave.

See the Chapter 8 Slides

Please note that I am planning to give a Chapter eight quiz next week.

--7-Apr-2014 14:50 PST

Updates and Tonights Plan

The class schedule has been updated with a slightly new plan of study and some homework assignment. We will first go over Chapter 5 homework, of course, and then will have a quiz of the relevant portions of Chapter 5. Tonight we'll cover only the electric portions of Chapter 8. See the slides.

See the Chapter 8 Slides

See you there!

--24-Mar-2014, 1410 PST


I've updated the class schedule. Tonight we will cover Chapter 5 only. Be sure to turn in all the homework up to date. You can turn it in anytime. Just do it!

Chapter 5 slides are on the site also.

--18-Mar-2014, 1830 PST

Midterm Answers and Annoncements

The answers to our recent midterm test are posted. Just go to the links on the left menu and click on "Midterm page 1" and so on. The average grade was 71% but there was a wide reange. So, those of you below 70% on the midterm, let's think about how to bring your grades up. Perhaps we could meet sometime outside of class, either one-on-one or in a group. If you can think of how I can help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, it's never too late to turn in homework. Just get it done and turn it in. Only four students turned in Chapter 4 homework Monday. Perhaps you forgot? Anyway, turn it in.

And one more reminder, if you'll check the class schedule (it's on the menu to the left) you are assigned reading in Chapter 5. Homework will be assigned for Chapters 5 and 8. I'll have those on the class schedule by Friday night/Saturday morning.

From now on, I'll be very careful to lecture on only those things that will be covered in class. Chapters 5 and 8 will not be covered entirely. I'll be sure to spell out exactly what will be required from those chapters since we will not have time to cover everything. Do read the entire chapters, though. They provide good background information.

--26-Feb-2014, 2100 PST

We will solve this problem in Chapter Three!

Canadian Physics Problem

From http://themetapicture.com/canada-the-only-place-youll-see-something-like-this/

--25-Feb-2014, 10:45 PST

PSCI-1 Class Homework and Announcement

Please go to the Chapter 3 slides to find your homework assignment on the last slide. You will need to finish reading and studying Chapter 3. Next week I would like to deviate from the plan a bit to provide a comprehensive review of the first three chapters. Please re-read Chapters One and Two. And please come prepared to take part in classroom problem solving and discussion.

In the meantime, if you have and questions on the material or any criticisms of the course so far, email me. I do respect and appreciate your help in making this a better course.

--24-Feb-2014, 13:45 PST

Tonight's PSCI-1 Class

We'll be having a quiz tonight on chapters one and two. First, we'll review a few things, have a quick question and answer period before the quiz. The quiz will be open book, with calulators (though you should not need them).

After the quiz we'll get right into the next chapter, Chapter Three. I plan to bring a jug of coffee, like last time, but I'm afraid I must ask for a donation of $1 per cup.

See you there!


--09-Feb-2014, 8:00pm PST

Physical Science 1, Spring 2014

Our next class is Monday, Feb 10.

At this point you should have read and understood Chapter 1. We will discuss the homework assinged (all problems in end of chapter exercises 1.5 through 1.7). We will then have a quiz on Chapter 1.

Lecture will be on all of Chapter 2 to begin our study of motion. The slides are already posted in the menu on the left if you want to take a peek. I will assign homework problems in class.

The pic on the right is that of Nikolus Kopernikus who, asside from having great hair, in 1543 make a very significant advance in the study of the motions of the heavens. He found the best reference point for the study of planetary orbits. His system was called the heliocentric system.

In our future studies, we'll see how Newton then worked out the dynamics, which includes forces, of planetary orbits. So, the progression is, and we'll see this over and over again, the selection of the best reference frame leading to the simplest solutions of problems of motion.


--04-Feb-2014, 11:00pm PST

Physical Science 1, Spring 2014