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--12-May-2014 12:35 PDT

Final Review Slides and Practice Final

See the class page

--26-Apr-2014 20:00 PDT

Chapter 10 & 11 Slides

I've posted just the first couple of slides for chapters 10 and 11 for Monday. These slides conatian the topics and sections that we will cover in class. You will be responsible for learning these sections.

See the class page

--21-Apr-2014 12:30 PDT

Chapter 9 Slides and Schedule Update

For tonight's slikes and homework, go to the class page

--13-Apr-2014 19:00 PDT

Chapter 8 Slides and Schedule Update

The remainder of Chapter 8 slides are on the web. Go to the class page

--7-Apr-2014 14:55 PDT

Revised and Updated Scheule

See the class page for updtes and tonight's plan.

--19-Mar-2014 16:10 PST

Tonight at the Hollister Site!

Hollister site will be hosting Covered California tonight from 5p.m. to 7p.m. at the Briggs Building in room 3. See the previous post below for background info.

--19-Mar-2014 12:35 PST

Student Center Event - Affordable Heealth Care

Get yourselves covered with health insurance. I'll just pass on what I was given:

"Once more encourage students, staff and families to attend this event tomorrow in the Student Center to sign up for Affordable Care. If a single person has an annual income of less than $15,856 they may qualify for no cost or low cost insurance coverage. Please open this flyer and share. Have them go to CoveredCA.com for more information."

--12-Mar-2014, 1710 PST

Got Obamacare? Time's A-Wasting

(If you don't see and image below, it may be your proxy settings. It is viewable from a direct connection to the internet through your ISP)

--26-Feb-2014, 1900 PST

Could Oklahoma's rash of earthquakes be due to fracking?

An article in The Nation by Steven Hsieh takes a shot at explaining the rather odd recent increase in earthquakes in central Oklahoma. Columbia University's Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory researcher Nicholas van der Elst thinks the quakes are most likely due to the fracking injection wells in the area.

Read the article here.

Catch up on van der Elst's researh here.

--16-Feb-2014, PST

Stewardship of the deep oceans

The deep oceans are increasingly being relied upon for mineral and energy mining, and fishing. Scientists are calling for a new stewardship program before the ecological problems arise.

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--13-Feb-2014, 11:00pm PST

Of Ichthyosaurs and Outfielders

I've posted two new breaking science news items that I thought were interesting.

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