Gavilan College celebrates 400 years of Don Quijote

The History of Don Quixote - Translated by Thomas Shelton

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The History of the
Valorous & Witty Knight-Errant
Don Quixote of the Mancha

By Miguel de Cervantes

Translated by Thomas Shelton

Editor's Choice Award


Bibliographical Note

The First Part

The Author?s Preface to the Reader
  Certain Sonnets, Written by Knights-Errant, Ladies, Squires, and Horses, in the Praise of Don Quixote, His Dame, His Squire and Steed
I. Wherein is rehearsed the Calling and Exercise of the Renowned Gentleman, Don Quixote of the Mancha
II. Of the First Sally that Don Quixote made to seek Adventures
III. Wherein is recounted the Pleasant Manner observed in the Knighting of Don Quixote
IV. Of that which befel to our Knight after he had departed from the Inn
V. Wherein is prosecuted the former Narration of our Knight?s Misfortunes
VI. Of the Pleasant and Curious Search made by the Curate and the Barber of Don Quixote?s Library
VII. Of the Second Departure which our Good Knight, Don Quixote, made from his House, to seek Adventures
VIII. Of the Good Success Don Quixote had, in the Dreadful and Never-Imagined Adventure of the Windmills, with other Accidents worthy to be recorded
The Second Book ?
IX. Wherein is related the Events of the Fearful Battle which the Gallant Biscaine fought with Don Quixote
X. Of that which after befel Don Quixote when he had left the Ladies
XI. Of that which passed between Don Quixote and certain Goatherds
XII. Of that which one of the Goatherds recounted to those that were with Don Quixote
XIII. Wherein is finished the History of the Shepherdess Marcela, with other Accidents
XIV. Wherein are rehearsed the Despairing Verses of the Dead Shepherd, with other Unexpected Accidents
The Third Book ?
XV. Wherein is rehearsed the Unfortunate Adventure which happened to Don Quixote, by encountering with certain Yanguesian Carriers
XVI. Of that which happened unto the Ingenuous Knight within the Inn, which he supposed to be a Castle
XVII. Wherein are rehearsed the Innumerable Misfortunes which Don Quixote and his good Squire Sancho suffered in the Inn, which he, to his harm, thought to be a Castle
XVIII. Wherein are rehearsed the Discourses passed between Sancho Panza and his Lord, Don Quixote, with other Adventures worthy the Recital
XIX. Of the Discreet Discourse passed between Sancho and his Lord; with the Adventure succeeding of a Dead Body; and other Notable Occurrences
XX. Of a Wonderful Adventure, achieved with less Hazard than ever any other Knight did any, by the Valorous Don Quixote of the Mancha
XXI. Of the High Adventure and Rich Winning of the Helmet of Mambrino, with other Successes which befel the Invincible Knight
XXII. Of the Liberty Don Quixote gave to many Wretches, who were a-carrying perforce to a place they desired not
XXIII. Of that which befel the famous Don Quixote in Sierra Morena which was one of the most Rare Adventures that in this or any other so authentic a History is recounted
XXIV. Wherein is prosecuted the Adventure of Sierra Morena
XXV. Which treats of the Strange Adventures that happened to the Knight of the Mancha in Sierra Morena; and of the Penance he did there, in Imitation of Beltenebros
XXVI. Wherein are prosecuted the Pranks played by Don Quixote in his Amorous Humours in the Mountains of Sierra Morena
XXVII. How the Curate and the Barber put their design in practice, with many other things worthy to be recorded in this Famous History
The Fourth Book ?
XXVIII. Wherein is discoursed the New and Pleasant Adventure that happened to the Curate and the Barber in Sierra Morena
XXIX. Which treats of the Discretion of the beautiful Dorotea, and the Artificial Manner used to dissuade the Amorous Knight from continuing his Penance; and how he was gotten away; with many other delightful and pleasant occurrences
XXX. Of many Pleasant Discourses passed between Don Quixote and those of his Company, after he had abandoned the Rigorous Place of his Penance
XXXI. Of the Pleasant Discourses Continued between Don Quixote and his Squire Sancho Panza, with other Adventures
XXXII. Treating of that which befel all Don Quixote his train in the Inn
XXXIII. Wherein is rehearsed the History of the Curious-Impertinent
XXXIV. Wherein is prosecuted the History of the Curious-Impertinent
XXXV. Wherein is ended the History of the Curious-Impertinent: And likewise recounted the Rough Encounter and Conflict passed between Don Quixote and certain Bags of Red Wine
XXXVI. Which treats of many Rare Successes befallen in the Inn
XXXVII. Wherein is Prosecuted the History of the Famous Princess Micomicona, with other Delightful Adventures
XXXVIII. Treating of the Curious Discourse made by Don Quixote upon the Exercises of Arms and Letters
XXXIX. Wherein the Captive Recounteth his Life, and other Accidents
XL. Wherein is prosecuted the History of the Captive
XLI. Wherein the Captive prosecuteth the Pleasant Narration of his Life
XLII. Which speaks of that which after befel in the Inn, and of Sundry other Things worthy to be known
XLIII. Wherein is recounted the History of the Lackey, with other Strange Adventures befallen in the Inn
XLIV. Wherein are prosecuted the Wonderful Adventures of the Inn
XLV. Wherein are decided the Controversies of the Helmet of Mambrino and of the Pannel, with other Strange and most True Adventures
XLVI. In which is finished the Notable Adventure of the Troopers, and the great Ferocity of our Knight, Don Quixote, and how he was enchanted
XLVII. Wherein is prosecuted the Manner of Don Quixote's Enchantment, with other Famous Occurrences
XLVIII. Wherein the Canon prosecutes his Discourse upon Books of Chivalry, and many other Things worthy of his Wit
XLIX. Wherein the Discreet Discourse that passed between Sancho Panza and his Lord Don Quixote is expressed
L. Of the Discreet Contention between Don Quixote and the Canon, with other Accidents
LI. Relating that which the Goatherd told to those that carried away Don Quixote
LII. Of the Falling Out of Don Quixote and the Goatherd; with the Adventure of the Disciplinants, to which the Knight gave End to his Cost

The Second Part

The Author?s Prologue to the Reader
I. How the Vicar and the Barber passed their time with Don Quixote, touching his Infirmity
II. Of the Notable Fray that Sancho Panza had with the Niece and the Old Woman, and other delightful Passages
III. The ridiculous Discourse that passed betwixt Don Quixote, Sancho, and the Bachelor Samson Carrasco
IV. How Sancho Panza satisfies the Bachelor Samson Carrasco?s Doubts and Demands, with other Accidents worthy to be known and related
V. Of the wise and pleasant Discourse that passed betwixt Sancho Panza and his wife Teresa Panza, and other Accidents worthy of happy remembrance
VI. What passed betwixt Don Quixote, his Niece, and the Old Woman; and it is one of the most material chapters in all the History
VII. What passed betwixt Don Quixote and his Squire, with other most famous Accidents
VIII. What befel Don Quixote, going to see his Mistress Dulcinea del Toboso
IX. Where is set down as followeth
X. How Sancho cunningly enchanted the Lady Dulcinea, and other Successes, as ridiculous as true
XI. Of the strange Adventure that befel Don Quixote, with the Cart or Waggon of the Parliament of Death
XII. Of the rare Adventure that befel Don Quixote with the Knight of the Looking-glasses
XIII. Where the Adventure of the Knight of the Wood is prosecuted, with the discreet, rare, and sweet Colloquy that passed betwixt the two Squires
XIV. How the Adventure of the Knight of the Wood is prosecuted
XV. Who the Knight of the Looking-glasses and his Squire were
XVI. What befel Don Quixote with a discreet Gentleman of Mancha
XVII. Where is showed the last and extremest Hazard to which the unheard-of courage of Don Quixote did or could arrive, with the prosperous accomplishment of the Adventure of the Lions
XVIII. What happened to Don Quixote in the Castle, or Knight of the Green Cassock his house, with other extravagant Matter
XIX. Of the Adventure of the Enamoured Shepherd, with other (indeed) pleasant Accidents
XX. Of the Marriage of rich Camacho, and the Success of poor Basilius
XXI. Of the prosecution of Camacho?s Marriage, with other delightful Accidents
XXII. Of the famous Adventure of Montesinos? Cave, which is in the heart of Mancha, which the valorous Don Quixote happily accomplished
XXIII. Of the admirable things that the unparalleled Don Quixote recounted, which he had seen in Montesinos? profound Cave, whose strangeness and impossibility makes this Chapter be held for Apocrypha
XXIV. Where are recounted a thousand Flim-flams as impertinent as necessary to the understanding of this famous History
XXV. Of the Adventure of the braying, and the merry one of the Puppet-man, with the memorable soothsaying of the prophesying Ape
XXVI. Of the delightful Passage of the Puppet-Play, and other Pleasant Matters
XXVII. Who Master Peter and his Ape were, with the ill success that Don Quixote had in the Adventure of the Braying, which ended not so well as he would, or thought for
XXVIII. Of things that Benengeli relates, which he that reads shall know, if he read them with attention
XXIX. Of the famous Adventure of the Enchanted Bark
XXX. What happened to Don Quixote with the fair Huntress
XXXI. That treats of many and great Affairs
XXXII. Of Don Quixote?s answer to his Reprehender, with other Successes as wise as witty
XXXIII. Of the wholesome Discourse that passed betwixt the Duchess and her Damsels, with Sancho Panza, worthy to be read and noted
XXXIV. How notice is given for the disenchanting of the peerless Dulcinea Del Toboso, which is one of the most famous Adventures in all this Book
XXXV. Where is prosecuted the notice that Don Quixote had of disenchanting Dulcinea, with other admirable Accidents
XXXVI. Of the strange and unimagined Adventure of the Afflicted Matron, alias the Countess Trifaldi, with a Letter that Sancho Panza wrote to his wife Teresa Panza
XXXVII. Of the Prosecution of the Famous Adventure of the Afflicted Matron
XXXVIII. The Afflicted Matron recounts her Ill Errantry
XXXIX. Where the Trifaldi prosecutes her Stupendious and Memorable History
XL. Of Matters that touch and pertain to this Adventure, and most Memorable History
XLI. Of Clavileno?s Arrival, with the End of this dilated Adventure
XLII. Of the Advice that Don Quixote gave Sancho Panza, before he should go to govern the Island, with other Matter well digested
XLIII. Of the Second Advice that Don Quixote gave Sancho Panza
XLIV. How Sancho Panza was carried to his Government, and of the strange Adventure that befel Don Quixote in the Castle
XLV. How the grand Sancho Panza took possession of his Island, and the Manner of his beginning to Govern
XLVI. Of the fearful low-bell-cally Horror, that Don Quixote received in the process of his love, by the enamoured Altisidora
XLVII. How Sancho demeaned himself in his Government
XLVIII. What happened to Don Quixote with Donna Rodriguez, the Duchess?s Waiting-Woman; with other Successes, worthy to be written, and had in eternal remembrance
XLIX. What happened to Sancho in walking the round in his Island
L. Where is declared who were the Enchanters and Executioners that whipped the Matron, pinched and scratched Don Quixote, with the Success the Page had that carried the Letter to Teresa Panza, Sancho?s Wife
LI. Of Sancho?s proceeding in his Government, with other Successes, as good as touch
LII. The Adventure of the Second Afflicted or Straitened Matron, alias Donna Rodriguez
LIII. Of the Troublesome End and Upshot that Sancho Panza?s Government had
LIV. That treats of Matters concerning this History and no other
LV. Of Matters that befel Sancho by the way, and others the best in the World
LVI. Of the Unmerciful and Never-seen Battle that passed betwixt Don Quixote and the Lackey Tosilos, in defence of the Matron Donna Rodriguez? Daughter
LVII. How Don Quixote took his Leave of the Duke, and what befel him with the Witty and Wanton Altisidora, the Duchess?s Damsel
LVIII. Of Adventures that came so thick and threefold on Don Quixote, that they gave no respite one to the other
LIX. Of an extraordinary Accident that befel Don Quixote, which may be held for an Adventure
LX. What happened to Don Quixote, going to Barcelona
LXI. What happened to Don Quixote at his entrance into Barcelona, with other Events more true than witty
LXII. The Adventure of the Enchanted Head, with other Flim-Flams that must be recounted
LXIII. Of the ill chance that befel Sancho at his seeing the Galleys, with the strange Adventure of the Morisca
LXIV. Of an Adventure that most perplexed Don Quixote, of any that hitherto befel him
LXV. Who the Knight of the White Moon was, with Don Gregorio?s Liberty, and other Passages
LXVI. That treats of what the Reader shall see, and he that hearkens hear
LXVII. Of the Resolution Don Quixote had to turn Shepherd, and to lead a Country Life, whilst the promise for his Year was expired, with other Accidents, truly good and savoury
LXVIII. Of the bristled Adventure that befel Don Quixote
LXIX. Of the newest and strangest Adventure that in all the course of this History befel Don Quixote
LXX. Of divers rare Things, which serve for the better Illustration and Clearing of this History
LXXI. Of what befel Don Quixote and his Squire Sancho Panza, in their Travel towards their Village
LXXII. How Don Quixote and Sancho arrived at their Village
LXXIII. Of the Presages and Forebodings which happened to Don Quixote at the entrance into his Village, with other Adventures, which serve for grace and ornament unto this famous History, and which give credit unto it
LXXIV. How Don Quixote fell sick; of the Will he made, and of his Death



? We continue with sequential chapter numbers to match the other editions of Don Quixote;
the 1612 Shelton edition numbered each book independently, starting over from I.


Gavilan College celebrates 400 years of Don Quijote

The History of Don Quixote - Translated by Thomas Shelton

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