English 1A

Spring 2004      TTh 11:10-12:25

Instructor:       Christina Salvin

Phone:              848-4830

E-mail:              csalvin@sbcglobal.net                                     

Office:              Library 119 in the Literacy Lounge                        

Hours:              M-Fri 10-11, T Th 12:30-1:30 (or just drop by the lab)


Required Texts

            A Forest of Voices edited by Chris Anderson and Lex Runciman

My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki

            Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman


Recommended Texts

            A college level dictionary

            A writer’s handbook with MLA guidelines


Course Objective

The primary objective of this course is to prepare students to think, read, write and research at the university level. Upon satisfactory completion of English 1A, students should be able to perform satisfactorily in any general education course requiring writing. Students should also be able to express strong opinions with clarity and conviction as well as  individual style and creativity.


Course Description

This course will focus on the relationship between humans and the environment. It will push students to reevaluate their place in society and the ways in which their actions impact the earth. Reading and writing will deal with issues of identity, nature, work and technology. Students will be required to explore personal and environmental issues through essay and journal writing, class discussion/presentations, reading exams, and a research paper.


Course Grading

      7 Essays:                      350 pts (50 each)                                       A            900-1000 pts

            Research Project:        150 pts                                                       B            800-899 pts

            15 Journals:                  150 pts (10 each)                                      C             700-799 pts

            3 Exams:                       150 pts (50 each)                                      D            600-699 pts

11 Quizzes                     100 pts (10 each, lowest 2 dropped)        F            0-599 pts

2 Presentations:            100 pts (50 each)

TOTAL:                         1000 pts.                  


Course Attendance

Attendance is crucial as in-class activities and quizzes cannot be made up. Written work must be turned in at the beginning of class to be considered on time. Class handouts will only be distributed once. If you miss more than three days, you may be dropped from the class without notice; however, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the course through Admissions. Failure to do so can result in an ‘F’ grade on your transcript.

Course Requirements


You will write a total of eight essays (including your research paper). All essays must be submitted typed and double spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. A cover page is not necessary—just put your name, the assignment title and the date in the top left corner. IMPORTANT: An essay will be considered late if it is not turned in by the beginning of class on the day it is due. Essays will only be accepted up to one week late and marked down 15 percent per class session. Rewrites for a higher  grade must be submitted before the due date for the subsequent essay.



You will write a total of 15 journals, due most Tuesdays at the beginning of class, based upon the books My Year of Meats and Mad Cowboy. Journals can be hand written or typed and must be at least one page long. These journals will be graded on a 1-10 scale upon honesty, depth of response, and length. No late journals will be accepted.



You will take a total of 12 quizzes, created by your classmates (except for the first one), on articles in the text Forest of Voices. Quizzes will precede oral presentations and take place during the second part of class most Tuesdays. Quizzes can not be made up, but your lowest quiz grade will be dropped. There will also be two midterms and a final which will challenge to you to relate and analyze all class readings.


            Research Paper

You will write and rewrite a 8-10 page research paper on an environmental issue which will involve both first and second-hand research and an oral presentation. You will submit your paper in stages, which will be detailed in a future handout. Your first version will be called “My Research Paper without the Research.” Your final paper must be written in MLA format with a works cited page at the end. It is important to 1) begin your research as soon as possible and 2) choose a topic that is exciting and meaningful to you.


Students will give two oral presentations during the semester. The first will be conducted in pairs (or threes) and involve facilitating a class session on an essay from Forest of Voices, and the second will be a solo presentation of your research paper on an environmental issue. Details will be provided in future handouts.


Student Honesty Policy Reference Statement

Students are expected to exercise academic honesty and integrity.  Violations such as cheating and plagiarism will result in disciplinary action that may include recommendations for dismissal.

  **Occupational/vocational students—Limited English language skills will not be a barrier to admittance to and participation in Vocational Education Programs.

**Students requiring special services or arrangements because of hearing, visual, or other disability should contact their instructor, counselor, or the Disabled Students Services Office.