Week Six:



We've made it to the end; how time flies, especially for a six week summer course!  As we wrap up the course and the summer term, I hope that everyone will be continuing to look forward to what comes next, whatever that may be. 

By now, you should have read the majority of the textbook as well as the Gavilan College Catalog.  Please continue to use these resources as you continue your education..  Remember, we are all lifelong learners!

The major portion of this week's assignment is the Final Exam which will be written in an "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) format.   Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.  Also, feel free to share thoughts with each other via the online forums.  Collaboration is encouraged but the work you submit should be your own.

I hope to have final course grades available on Wednesday, August 30th in the evening.  I wish each of you the best of  luck as you continue your journey in higher education!

  • Textbook: Chapter 12
  • Gavilan College Catalog: Pages 46-52; 128; 215-217
  • Forum: Not required; use the forum to share thoughts and assist each other with fin al exam questions.
  • Journal Entry: Discuss your plans after reaching your goals at Gavilan College.   Will you transfer to a four year college or university?  Will you enter the workforce or begin a new career?  What steps can you/will you take now in preparation for your next step? Post by July 23rd
  • Chapter 12 Quizzes: True/False and Multiple Choice from the Companion Website.  Email results to instructor. Post by July 22nd.
  • Final Exam: Imagine that the new students who you welcomed in your letter a few weeks ago have now begun the fall semester at Gavilan College.  They will have many questions and in order to assist them, we will create an "FAQ" Reference Guide for them.  By being as accurate and concise as possible, create an FAQ reference that answers the following questions as well as a minimum of two of your own questions.  As much as possible, your responses should be specific to Gavilan College rather than generic.   Again, you will be graded on content and accuracy as well as grammar, punctuation, and presentation.  Submit your completed document in the assignments portion of the online classroom. Post by July 23rd.

****Include each of the following questions in your new student 

        FAQ Reference Guide:

  • I'm a new student taking 12 units.  How much time will I need to spend studying and preparing for my classes each week? 
  • My mother told me that she will pay for my classes as long as I maintain a 3.5 grade point average.  How do I calculate what my GPA will be?
  • I was looking at the Gavilan Catalog and many of the courses list an advisory and/or a prerequisite.  What do these terms mean?
  • How do I know if a course is transferable?  What do the course numbers mean?
  • One of my instructors had us complete the VARK Questionnaire and I learned that I am an aural learner.  What is a good way for me to approach studying? How can I learn more about learning styles?
  • My counselor told me that I need to maintain continuous enrollment in order to keep my "catalog rights."  What does this mean?
  • What is an Articulation Agreement?  If Gavilan doesn't have an Articulation Agreement with the school I'm interested in, does that mean that I can't transfer there?
  • I'm taking Math 233 and I don't understand a lot of the material.  What can I do?  Should I drop the class?
  • Where can I go for help with writing my research papers?
  • My instructors all list the "NRS Deadline" on their syllabi.  What is this?
  • I'm so confused!  How do I know which courses I need to get my degree?  Is there anyone who can help me?
  • A minimum of two questions and answers of your own choosing.