Week Three:



***Please note:  The midterm exam is included in this week's assignments. You may want to review it in the assignments section prior to continuing with the overview.

In order to give you sufficient time to complete the midterm, there will be no chapter exercises (other than the quizzes) or journal entries this week.  However, I encourage you to use the forum to share ideas with your classmates about how approach the midterm exam assignment.

This week's material will begin to address some very specific techniques for classroom success.  Skills such as listening, reading and note taking often seem to be so fundamental that we barely give them a second thought when considering strategies for college success.  However, by identifying specific approaches and styles as well as potential barriers, students can greatly enhance their learning experiences and maximize efficiency both in the classroom and while studying.


  • Textbook: Chapters 6 and 7.
  • Gavilan College Catalog: pages 29 - 43
  • Forum: None required for this week.  However, you are encouraged to share ideas about the midterm exam with your classmates using the forum.
  • Journal Entry:  None required.
  • Chapter Six Quizzes: Multiple Choice, True/False , and Essay Question # 4 from the Companion WebsitePost by July 5th.
  • Chapter Seven Quizzes: Multiple Choice, True/False, and Essay Question #2 from the Companion Website. Post by July 5th.
  • Midterm Exam: Many people who enroll in community colleges are either coming straight from high school or have been out of school for many years.  Because of this, it is not uncommon for students to be unfamiliar with college culture, demands, or expectations.  As a Gavilan College student, write a welcome letter to new students that will provide them with some basic introductory information that you believe is essential for success.  You may wish to emphasize some of the differences between high school and college or incorporate some of the things you wish you had known before starting college.  You might also want to direct your letter specifically to new high school graduates or another specific group of students, such as re-entry women or people who work full time.  Be sure to include some of the detail from the textbook as well as some information that is specific to Gavilan College, such as some of the information provided in the Gavilan College Catalog.  Your letter should be 2-3 pages in length.  You will be graded on content and accuracy of information as well as presentation (e.g., spelling, grammar, etc.).  You are encouraged to share ideas with classmates but the final product must be your own and in your own words.  If you complete the letter as a word processing document, copy and paste it into the box in the Midterm Exam assignment.  Please let me know if you have any questions! Post by July 5th.