Week One:



Success in college depends not only upon having a good awareness of the college itself, including policies, rules, and regulations, but also upon having a strong awareness of our own strengths, values, goals and learning styles.  This week we will begin to identify personal preferences as well as the culture of the community college and some of the specific details of Gavilan College.

By completing the Gavilan College Online Orientation, you will begin to learn some of the details that are specific to our college.  By learning about the college's programs, policies, and resources, you will be well equipped to manage many of the daily routines of community college as well as navigating many of the challenges.

As you begin to focus on success strategies in college, it also important to identify what is important to you and what your motivation is for going to school.  Identifying values and priorities provides a solid foundation for staying on track while you are in school.  In addition, by identifying your personal learning style (VARK), you will have a better understanding of the most effective ways to approach your studies.  Learning and studying do not have "one size fits all" approaches!

This week we will also focus on some specific expectations that are a part of the college culture including grades, attendance, effort and attitude.


  • Textbook: Chapters 1 and 2
  • Gavilan College Catalog, pages 4-19


  • Forum: Post your personal introduction to the Class Introduction Forum by June 20th.  Respond to at least two other students in the class by June 20th.
  • Gavilan College Online Orientation. Complete the orientation and the quiz at the end of the orientation and submit it in as indicated.  You will then be credited with completing the orientation on your Gavilan record and as a continuing student, you will become eligible for Priority Registration. Post by June 23rd.
  • Chapter One "Practice Exercises" (1.1, 1.4, 1.7) from the Companion Website. Email exercises to instructor upon completion by June 20th.
  • Journal Entry: Complete the VARK questionnaire. Upon completion, post your learning style with a brief reaction in this week's journal entry. Post by June 20th.
  • Chapter One Quizzes: Multiple Choice and True-False from the Companion Website.  Email results to the instructor by June 20th.
  • Chapter Two exercises: 2.7 (in Critical Thinking), 2.8 and 2.9 (in Practice) from the Companion Website.  Email to instructor upon completion by June 20th.
  • Chapter Two Quizzes: Multiple Choice and True-False from the Companion Website.  Email results to the instructor by June 20th .