Gavilan College  Spring 2006

Andrew H. Van Tuyl, Instructor



Preview week, Feb. 8: Begin reading Chapter 1 in text; negin studying Lab Assignments 1A and 1B. Explore American Meteorological  Society website.

Week 1, Feb. 13: Chapter 1, Monitoring Weather. Lab Assignments 1A, Air Pressure and Wind; 1B, Surface Air Pressure Patterns.

Week 2, Feb. 20: Chapter 2, Atmosphere: Origin, Composition, and Structure. Lab Assignments 2A, Surface Weather Maps; 2B, The Atmosphere in the Vertical.

Week 3, Feb. 27: Chapter 3, Solar and Terrestrial Radiation. Lab Assignments 3A, Weather Satellite Imagery; 3B, Sunlight Throughout the Year.

Week 4, Mar. 6: Chapter 4, Heat, Temperature and Atmospheric Circulation. Lab Assignments 4A, Temperature and Air Mass Advection; 4B, Heating Degree-Days and Wind Chill.

Week 5, Mar. 13: Chapter 5, Air Pressure. Lab Assignment 5A, Air Pressure Change.

Week 6, Mar. 20: Chapter 6, Humidity, Saturation and Stability. Lab Assignment 6A, Clouds, Temperature and Air Pressure; 6B, Rising and Sinking Air.

Week 7, Mar. 27: Chapter 7, Clouds, Precipitation and Weather Radar. Lab Assignment 7A, Precipitation Patterns; 7B, Doppler Radar.

Week 8, Apr. 3: Review and Midterm Exam.

Week 9, Apr. 10: Chapter 8, Wind and Weather. Lab Assignments 8A, Surface Weather Maps and Forces; 8B, Upper-Air Weather Maps.

Week 10, Apr. 17: Chapter 11, Thunderstorms and Tornadoes. Lab Assignments 11A, Thunderstorms; 11B, Tornadoes.

Week 11, Apr. 24: Chapter 9, Atmosphere's Planetary Circulation. Lab Assignment 9A, Westerlies and the Jet Stream.

Week 12, May 1: Chapter 9, cont., Atmosphere's Planetary Circulation, Part 2. Lab Assignment 9B, El Nino!

Week 13, May 8: Chapter 10, Weather Systems of Middle Latitudes. Lab Assignments 10A, The Midlatitude Cyclone; 10B, Cyclone Track Weather.

Week 14, May 15: Chapter 12, Tropical Weather Systems. Lab Assignments 12A, Hurricanes; 12B, Hurricane Wind and Pressure Changes.

Week 15, May 22: Review and Final Exam.