Gavilan College Engineering Program

Great news!!

Gavilan College is again helping students on the path to receive a Bachelor's degree in Engineering! An agreement signed by both Gavilan College and Cabrillo College ensures a transfer pathway for students interested in any field of Engineering. After completing the prerequisite coursework at Gavilan College, students will be guaranteed access to Cabrillo College with the same priority status they enjoy as Gavilan students to complete the final year of lower-division coursework that is required for transfer to four-year Engineering schools. Gavilan students will be able to take advantage of the excellent advising, counseling, and activities that Cabrillo has offered consistently for years. Cabrillo has a staff of excellent instructors and knowledgeable advisers (and advisors) who are dedicated to providing high-quality experiences and results for students both inside and outside the classroom. They have a large number of support services for all students to help them succeed and an equally large number of student led and faculty led activities to provide students with valuable experiences in the Engineering field. Cabrillo offers an excellent program in Engineering. The commute to Cabrillo from Gilroy and Hollister is about 45 minutes - about the same (or less) as commuting into San Jose - and the experience is the absolute best for students wanting to get a degree in Engineering.

We are very excited to make this excellent opportunity available to Gavilan College students!

If you have any questions about using a community college pathway to receiving a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, please contact Fran Lozano, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

We look forward to seeing you in classes at Gavilan leading towards your Engineering career!

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Last update on July 30, 2016.