Previous Semesters' Classes

Engineering 2
Engineering 4
Properties of Materials
Engineering 10A
Intro to Engr I

Physics 1
Introduction to Physics
Physics 2A
General Physics I
Physics 2B
General Physics II
Physics 4A
Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
Physics 4B
Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
Physics 4C
Physics for Scientists and Engineers III

Math 1C
Multivariable Calculus
Math 2B
Linear Algebra
Math 5
Math 7
Finite Math
Math 8
Math 8A
First Half of Precalculus
Math 8B
Second Half of Precalculus
Math 9
College Algebra and Trigonometry
Math 10
Functional Analysis and Modeling
Math 205
Elementary Algebra
Math 205A
First Half of Elementary Algebra
Math 233
Intermediate Algebra
Math 240
Algebra II
Math 400
Elements of Arithmetic
Math 402

"My performance was a product of my preparation." Matthew Mitchum, Olympic Gold Medalist.
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