Dr. Marc D. Turetzky

Political Science 4: Introduction to International Relations

Fall 2017


International Crisis Paper Guidelines

I. Assignment

Each student in this course is responsible for writing a research intensive paper (At LEAST 10-11 pages) on an ONGOING CRISIS (NOT some distant, historical crisis like the Berlin Blockade/Airlift of 1948-49) of your choosing.


-The paper accounts for 25% of your course grade

-Papers are due by 1130pm on Sunday 12-10.


-You can gather articles for your research paper from Ebscohost (among other data bases) through the Gavilan College library—please contact the staff at the library NOW for access to Ebscohost and help in researching your topic. 

What exactly is an international crisis anyway? According to Professor Glenn Snyder (1977), an international crisis is defined as “a sequence of interactions between the governments of two or more sovereign states in severe conflict, short of actual war, but involving the perception of a dangerously high probability of war."

This paper asks you to choose a contemporary international crisis/conflict to describe and analyze. Examples of crises you can explore are listed immediately below:

In this paper it is your job to do the following:

Note: **Don’t forget to include a brief introduction & conclusion** (approximately 1 paragraph each)


Paper Format Guidelines (PLEASE READ THESE!

The formal research paper MUST follow the guidelines set forth below: