Politics in Japan: The Political System

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2) World Factbook Japan Country Profile

3) BBC Country Profile: Japan

4) Japan 101 Resource Guide

I. Introduction



II. Policymaking Structures

A. The Emperor


     jd                              ej

            -First Japanese Emperor Jimmu                                      -Emperor Jimmu's "heavenly" mandate



                hirohito                 eh

                        -Former Emperor Hirohito                         -Emperor Hirohito, circa 1926

                 akito                 eh

                  -Current Japanese Emperor Akihito                  -Emperor Akihito looking sharp!

B. The Executive: PM and Cabinet

        pm aso            Koizumi                   

                *Former PM Taro Aso                                          *Former PM Junichiro Koizumi

       tj            yh

      *"New" Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama                              *Looking slightly Elvis-like doo wise...no?

-Interesting take on this "change" election in Japan

   nk    kan

  *Japanese PM Naoto Kan                       *Didn't take long. Meet your new and soon to be former Japanese PM


noda     noa

Related image


Video on the Yakusa (Japanese organized crime)


Some Important Information to know about the office of the Prime Minister, Japan

C. The Legislature: Diet or Kokkai


The Diet has 2 chambers:

House of Councillors: 



    1. The Upper House: consists of 252 members
    2. They serve fixed 6-year terms, w/1/2 coming up for re-election every 3 years. The Constitution of 1947 created the House of Councillors, a replacement for the old House of Peers
    3. This House cannot be dissolved by the PM
    4. This House can reject bills from the lower house, but the councillors veto may be overridden by the lower house by a 2/3 vote.

House of Representatives:


-Outside the Japanese House of Representatives


D. The Judiciary: Supreme Court

jsc                                             ijsc

-Supreme Court building.                                                                     -Inside: aha! Looks like a Supreme Court!

E. The Bureaucracy