Politics in Mexico: History and Political Culture

Some Great Sources

1) Official Mexico Sources

2) BBC Country Profile: Mexico

3) World Fact Book Country Profile: Mexico

4) Yahoo Mexico Links


I. Introduction


A. Before we examine its history, lets commence with a few basic facts about Mexico

1. In social terms, Mexico is a country w/1/5 the land area of the US, has a population of approx 108.7M (2007 est., CIA World Factbook).

2. In economic terms, it is a mixed bag:

3. In political terms, the Mexican political system is a close copy of the US system—at least on paper


             -Vicente Fox (left) delivering his acceptance speech

          after being sworn in as president of Mexico, Dec. 1, 2000

felipe     calderon

       -Fox and Calderon during the 2006 Mexican election                      -Felipe Calderon and his family on the way to voting



II. Mexican History

A. Until the 15th century, most of what is now Mexico was inhabited by native cultures, notably the Mayans and the Aztecs.

mayan                               aztecs

    -Mayan Map                                                                                 -Aztec Mythology

mayan warrior            aztec warrior

    -Mayan Priest & Warrior                                                      -Aztec Warrior


      cortez                    H Cortez

- Hernando Cortes, circa 1519                                   -H. Cortes in "the New World"

                   p. diaz       diaz

                              -Diaz in full military splendor                                                            -Diaz the civilian


                                                         -Francisco Madero


 zapata            villa    

           -Emilano Zapata                                                             -Pancho Villa


       carranza        vc

                         -Venustiano Carranza                                                                                   -Los Amigos de politico




III. Political System

A. Mexico is divided into 31 states and each state is divided into several municipalities.

B. Policy-making Structures