Politics in Mexico: History and Political Culture

Some Great Sources

1) Official Mexico Sources

2) BBC Country Profile: Mexico

3) World Fact Book Country Profile: Mexico

4) Yahoo Mexico Links


I. Introduction


A. Before we examine its history, lets commence with a few basic facts about Mexico

1. In social terms, Mexico is a country w/1/5 the land area of the US, has a population of approx 129.9M (2017 est., WorldOmeters).

2. In economic terms, it is a mixed bag:

3. In political terms, the Mexican political system is a close copy of the US system—at least on paper


             -Vicente Fox (left) delivering his acceptance speech

          after being sworn in as president of Mexico, Dec. 1, 2000

felipe     calderon

       -Fox and Calderon during the 2006 Mexican election                      -Felipe Calderon and his family on the way to voting




nieto     d    

-Newly elected President Nieto with his wife in background                  -Nieto's winning smile




II. Mexican History

A. Until the 15th century, most of what is now Mexico was inhabited by native cultures, notably the Mayans and the Aztecs.

mayan                               aztecs

    -Mayan Map                                                                                 -Aztec Mythology

mayan warrior            aztec warrior

    -Mayan Priest & Warrior                                                      -Aztec Warrior


      cortez                    H Cortez

- Hernando Cortes, circa 1519                                   -H. Cortes in "the New World"

                   p. diaz       diaz

                              -Diaz in full military splendor                                                            -Diaz the civilian


                                                         -Francisco Madero


 zapata            villa    

           -Emilano Zapata                                                             -Pancho Villa


       carranza        vc

                         -Venustiano Carranza                                                                                   -Los Amigos de politico




III. Political System

A. Mexico is divided into 31 states and each state is divided into several municipalities.

B. Policy-making Structures