ESL541 - Fall 2006

Green Sheet

ESL 541                                                                               

Intermediate ESL Listening/Speaking II                                    

MW  8:10-9:15

TTH  8:10-9:00


Instructor: Mary Ann Sanidad

Office: SS 104

Office Hours: MW  10:40-12:30; TTH  11:40-12:40, or by appointment

Phone: 846-4945


Books and Supplies:

Consider the Issues, 3rd edition, Carol Numrich

Binder paper/pen

Overview and Objectives:

In ESL 541, students will listen to conversations and study new vocabulary in order to be able to speak with more sophistication on many different topics. They will learn to listen to general and specific information, especially in lectures, and practice taking notes. In addition, there will be some pronunciation practice. They will participate in interviews, half-group discussions, oral presentations, conversation group practice and listen to audiotapes.


Advisory: Students in this class have passed ESL 531 or they have taken the placement test and were placed in this level. This is a graded class, A-F. To pass the class, students must do the following:

. Attend class regularly and participate;

. Spend one hour per week in the ESL computer or listening lab;

. Spend one hour per week in conversation group;

. Receive a 70% average on all assignments (oral presentations, quizzes, tests);

. Complete all assignments and tests, including the final exam.

*Note: Students must be present on all presentation and test days. Make-ups will only be given in an emergency. If you are absent, please call or email the teacher. Also, call a classmate to ask for the classwork and homework.

10% 90-100 A
Extra Hour
10% 80-89 B
Conversation Group
15% 70- 79 C
Oral Evaluation
15% 60-69 D
Presentations (4)
40% 59  F
Final Exam
*Half-group talks will be averaged and will count as one oral presentation.


Please note that you may be dropped from this class after 4 absences and receive no credit. Also, please arrive on time. If you are going to be absent, call the teacher and leave a message or email. Call another student to ask for the homework. Also, turn off your cell phones and pagers in class.


ESL 541 meets Monday-Thursday, 8:10, except Thursday, November 23 (Thanksgiving).

Final Exam Schedule:

The last day of class is Thursday, December 14, 2006. The final exam will be Thursday, December 21, 8:00-10:00.

*ADA Accommodation Statement

"Students requiring special services or arrangements because of hearing, visual, or other disability should contact their instructor, counselor, or the Disabled Student Services Office."

*Student Honesty Policy Reference Statement

"Students are expected to exercise academic honesty and integrity. Violations such as cheating and plagiarism will result in disciplinary action which may include recommendation for dismissal."



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