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Because I teach in Morgan Hill and online, I am not always in my office on the main campus at the Gavilan Child Development Center in Gilroy. However, I do hold office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Morgan Hill campus, and in Gilroy on by appointment.  I will also meet with students at their place of employment if more convenient. 

Marlene A. Bumgarner, Ed.D.

Welcome to my virtual office. In addition to serving as Lead Faculty and Department Chair, I teach introductory and transfer/general education child development courses for the Child Development and Educational Studies program at Gavilan College.  I also serve as the faculty liaison and professional growth advisor for San Benito and Santa Clara County CARES programs and the Child Development Training Consortium.. My current off-campus professional responsibilities include serving as the Statewide Academic Senate representative to the Family Consumer Studies Chancellor's Advisory Committee. In 2009-2010 the Gavilan Child Development discipline began a self-study that I hope will lead to NAEYC Accreditation of Gavilan's Associate Degree in Child Development.

Please contact me at mbumgarner@gavilan.edu.

Curriculum vitae
Working With Families in Conflict -- World Forum PowerPoint
A Conversation with John Holt

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Spring 2012 Teaching Schedule:

  • CD 2 Early Child Development (3 units) Two sections: (1) Online and (2) Monday/Wednesday mornings in Morgan Hill.
  • CD 3 Child Growth & Development in the School Years (3 units) Online
  • CD 7 Cultural Context of Child/Family in a Diverse Society (3 units) Monday/Wednesday mornings in Morgan Hill
  • CD20 Language and Literature (3 units) Wednesday nights in Morgan Hill, 6:00 - 9:00
  • CD97 Introduction to Service Learning with Children (3 units) Online

Summer 2012 Teaching Schedule

  • CD2 Early Child Development (3 units) Online
  • CD3 Child Growth & Development in the School Years (3 units) Online

Spring Child Development Classes at Gavilan College

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