What do you do, dear, when-


--you lost your syllabus?

Go online to print out relevant pieces, or ask for another paper copy; it's important guide for you as we progress through the class.


--you can't afford the books?

Get to the library as soon as possible so you can check out Zinn or the other books, which are commonly easy to find. Or borrow the book from a friend. Or look at used book stores for bargain copies. Just don't attempt this class without doing the reading.


--you have to miss class?

Let instructor know, and ask classmates who take good notes for an update on what you missed. Or arrange to attend another secion if the same material will be covered. Or meet with instructor during an office hour to see what you have missed.


--you are learning disabled?

It is completely up to the student whether or not to advise teachers that they are learning disabled. It does help sometimes because teachers can suggest alternative learning or reading strategies, and make special arrangements for testing, if students are verified as LD. Students are encouraged to come forward so they can be accomodated; no stigma attached in this class.


--you have test anxiety?

Work on the concept checks with a friend, and consider study skills classes.


--you miss a test?

Do your best in other parts of the class, and, if you miss a test other than the final, see me as soon as possible about either visiting another section to take the test, or about taking the essay makeup.The essay makeup is due due five school days after the test in class that you missed, and other classes are usually taking tests in the same week, so see me soon.


--you don't want to get class e-mail?

Let me know, and I'll do my best to take you off the list.


--you're not getting class-related e-mail?

E-mail me with your proper address and check back after a few days if you haven't heard from me.


--you don't like reading?

Consider enrolling in English 260, a reading skills class.