Skillful stress relief right here right now





Stress assess

Defining stress, including positive and negative stress

Causes of stress--& causes of YOUR stress

Stressor--thought--response cycle

Impacts of stress

What your life would be like if you got skillful stress relief

Toolkit for skillful stress relief


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Mr. Stan talks back Maru and box, go one minute in Can stress kill you?


What happiness looks like:

adapted from the Mayo Clinic guide to stress-free living


Inner contentment--you like who you are and what you have done

Company of people you love

Gratitude for your blessings

Ability to weather problems without major damage

Ability to stay in the moment

A meaningful life

Conviction that you are loved

Sense of security

Hope for the future

Few regrets

Kindness to others

Kindness to yourself

Exercise and a body you enjoy

Willingness to share your joy with others

Ability to rejoice when others are happy

Ability to rejoice in the happiness of others




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