Great history links

with an emphasis on images for in-class use


Precontact and indigenous people Ponce Puerto Rico archeological site of the Taino--scenes from life created Maps of Americas with nations before contact Images of art and technology before contact Scenes from Eastern woodlands before contact, 1550s Native people in Virginia--links often down?


The Ohlone/the California mission system territory map

Four Directions Institute--starting point for any California First Peoples research project

California Mission resource center A great site with good links

California Missions llinks good annotated links with some First Peoples focus, and many topical websites including on music and individual missions

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center --good links to Native informations

California Indian Goldrush History dance images village scene burial ground restoration grinding stones canoe making Perouse voyage's world map Father Serra statue Indian Canyon's homepage


Colonial History Resources--for all those questions about money conversions in historical and current currencies, try


Slavery in the Americas rich rich slavery images site

Good history of slavery El Mina today Slave trade images Slavery images, paintings, cartoons


Colonial Life Plimoth village images Colonial Albany images Library of Congress exhibition and history of religious persecution and asylym seeking Primers, hornbooks, and schools Colonial Williamsburg homepage women's clothing Eastern woodlands First People technologies Anne Hutchinson portrait


Impetus for Independence drafting of D of I signing of D of I George III George III All things relevant to revolution An "Indian" at the Boston Tea Party Boston Tea Party images


Constitution King George Parliament image British age of King George Congress Articles of confederation Constitution and resources issues of people being targetted today -- ignorance of the Bill of Rights documented


New nationhood great census data Mississippi lead rush images of New Orleans port city nice social history page with good illustrations, lots of info!



"Indian Removal" Cherokee home page nice images of the Cherokee history and figures in history Museum images of important people and events to many other sites
--Andrew Jackson image Basic information about the Cherokee Cherokee alphabet Chickasaw Tribal homepage history Muscogee/Creek homepage history Seminole culture timeline and images of Choctaw Seminole timeline of Tears page Cherokee on the Trail of Tears



Westward expansionism, 1830s-1860s

Mexican-American War images of battles and other aspects of the war media images map of various land boundaries affected by the war War news coming back home


The California Gold Rush best Gold Rush images image of woman working with men in sluicing operation nice page with some interesting images, well organized Gold Rush images of ordinary people

Oregon Trail:



The Earthquake Decade/Reform Era

The Civil War  pontoon bridge pontoon bridge sailors and marines march parade cavalary parade Confederate dead, Gettysberg amputation in process log cabin hut fife and drum corps dinner party with African-American server town center of Woburn, MA History of Woburn, MA by decade gravestones dead on battlefield casaulty figures, North and South collection of bones after the battle at Cold Harbor bullets of Civil War Enlistment poster based on a rumor Confederate soldiers Confederates’ river crossing and other images winter quarters—log cabin Civil War campfire cook kit building a corduroy road near Richmond corduroy road with cattle crossing US Grant Civil War knapsack: canvas covered with tar evacuating wounded soldiers from The Wilderness as it burns stone breastworks breastworks made from logs breastworks made of whatever they could find emaciated POW Civil War shells winter Sherman’s march to the sea crater explosion in Petersburg Painful portrait of Civil War amputee Story of James Hangar, first amputee and orthopedics designer great images of Civil war medicine, some of them gruesome bullets and flesh wounds gruesomely on display early ambulance ambulance and hospital views


1876 1876 Centennial homepage map of 1876 Centennial exhibition views of 1876 Machinery Hall home fashions --women’s dress racism images


Black Elk and Oglala

Paha Sapa Mount Rushmore Black Elk and family games with Neihardts and others info about Black Elk and Neihardt relations Buffalo Bill museum Information about the wild west show Buffalo Bill, man and legend Painful Pine Ridge photo essay


Reconstruction Thomas Nast's rosy view of Reconstruction for African Americans Image of African-American soldiers coming home from the Civil War Ho for Kansas! African-American emigration 1890 African-American population map Post Civil War account book showing ex-slave wages Freedman's Bureau, with records on murders/outrages, labor, marriages. Hunger for education among the aged freed slaves Freedman's Bureau school for women learning to sew Sea Island School for African-Americans Illustration of 15th Amendment: African-Americans vote African Americans in majority in SC legislature African American elected officials African-American church chain gang five military zones responses to southern “heritage” groups with good imagery of segregation and violence Images of labor,family and social services, violence--Augusta County, VA barbering, lynching, etc. Lynching image Booker T. DuBois bio and image African-American soldiers in the west


Immigration The arrival into Ellis island on a moving ship Search page for relatives who came through Ellis Island Images of immigrants arriving, eating, getting medical checks at Ellis Island Ellis Island eye examinations

Midwestern German immigrants in sod house

Icelandic immigrants to Midwest

Italian immigrants at Ellis Island Slav immigrants to Wisconsin WA DC slums with government buildings visible Collection of Lewis Hine's child labor photos Hine's photos of mill and older workers in dangerous jobs Seamstress woodcut, 1871 immigrant kids' ballgame in NYC Piecework by women and kids child labor--vegetable cannery child in coal mines tenement hallway with children Anti-Chinese cartoon Chinese RR workers Chinese men posing for photo Chinese cradle mining during Gold Rush anti-Chinese sentiment during Gold Rush Cartoon mocking anti-Chinese hatred massacre of Chinese workers

http:virginius.htm Chinese opium palace



Industrial Revolution and Rise of Capitalism 1880s cotton mill paper mill cotton mill factory views with smokestacks Naval Yard Baltimore with blazing smokestacks Harpers Ferry factory images Photos of Karl Marx photos of women in factory work sweatshop photo pickle factory photo


Sites reporting on corporate deeds and misdeeds today: Current issues in corporate personhood Nike and the Right to Lie




Progressivism/Reforms Prohibition era bust Temperance song NYC suffrage parade woman in white on white horse for suffrage Suffragists Suffragists picket White House Cartoon on women's sphere Suffrage cartoon forces children exercising in park 1900s? immigrant kids at Hull House Nice exhibit on Henry Street Settlement, with photos Henry Street Outdoor Recreation League and other photos timeline on Community College History History of what is more or less the first public community college Great Migration's Chicago Jazz scene Great Migration images, including letters to a Chicago newspaper asking for help in moving north Founders of the Niagara Movement in front of Niagara Falls Image of Ida Tarbell Book about Mary Ware Dennett, The Sex Side of Life


http://www.http: John Muir exhibit Hiram Johnson photo White Man's Burden cartoon Photo of Dewey Triangle Shirtwaist Fire photo Marg Sanger video Triangle shirtwaist video IWW homepage You Tube on the Wobblies E. Debs orating Anarchism/Emma Goldman exhibition from reporting on Katrina:black looting and white finding


Expansionism Excellent site with images of the Phillipine War Captioned images of P-A war African-American newspaper decries the killing of Filipinos Evidence of devastation in Phillipines



World War I Great photo site with all you could need trench images and battle sites Patriotic propaganda posters for WWI Homefront images including ads and mobillized kids Images, songs, posters, cartoons, letters Bio and photo of Archduke Ferdinand Amputees photo--Britain gassed soldiers German ship trenches at the Somme wounded at Ypres Excellent home front images,%20France%20-%20Hall%20of%20Mirrors.JPG Hall of Mirrors at Versailles What were the terms, and the results? Clemenceau and Wilson after the signing

Versailles images



The 20s

The Crash and Depression

Fascism & synagogue burning, Olympics --Nazi rise to power greets the Fuhrer graphic depictions of the Holocaust collection and Nazi Germany images



The Atomic Age/The Cold War best place to start for A-bomb resources on the web gallery,1020,494929,00.jpg one image of dazed dsurvivovrs photos taken shortly after the explosioin at Hiroshima radiation lesions powerful images of victims nuclear arsenal today graphic on weapons testing, and who’s done what Shoshone information on Nevada Test Site some photos of HUAC

Mandel at HUAC --Some friendly witnesses including R Reagan Hollywood Ten -glamourous women sell their looks The Story of Stuff

The Civil Rights Movement

Social Change in the 60s

The 70s Trilateral members Seventies design Christian Coalition home Moral majority home

Reagan-Bush Era

The first Persian Gulf War

Silicon Valley and the computer age computers past Nice tour of the history nice chart overview of key points

The Petroleum Century calculate your own footprint petroleum century techno advances peak oil timeline Petroelum century: impact upon Iraq video: the end of suburbia

Globalization ads with some disturbing "positive"images of globalizations on privatization of water driven by French and other firms Foundation photos of children working in the global marketplace protest images