Past homework

I will accept late work up to a week after the due date; if you have serious extenuating circumstances, let's talk as soon as you know that!



A. Strengths and challenges. Due second day of class (week of Aug 25). Use the index card I give you to write about three strengths you have that will help you in this class, and three challenges you think you would like to work on while you're in here. These may be personality (I love challenges, or I am shy), academic (I write well, or I have trouble reading) habits (I work on homework six hours a night, or I procrastinate), circumstances (I'm unemployed so have lots of time, or I have a new baby who's up all night), or fears (I am afraid I will make other students look bad, or I've heard you fly in on a broom.) Then add THREE GOALS you have for yourself. Finally, consider honestly--what can I, your history teacher, do to help you with your challenges and goals? 

B. Snapshots, web work and writing. Due: second day of class( week of August 25). Purposes: To let me see your writing, help me get to know you a little, to establish a snapshot of where history has brought us, and to allow you to consider how you feel about the future, given the past. Requires: webwork, writing. Consider the World and also the  US Snapshots. Write one full page, no more unless you’re inspired, to tell me what you learned or thought about a.) the world and b.) the US, and c,) what/which specific facts stood out for you and why. Leave 1.5” margins so I can respond! And please don't tell me you knew ALL this before--you can still consider it newly!

C. Read Chapter 8 in your text. Do the Short Paragraphs work on p. 90. Due: Sept. 3 for MW, Sept. 4 for TTh (second week of school). You may work on this with 1-2 other students, turning in ONE assignment with all names on it. Be very thorough and use every answer you can find and think of. Be prepared for any of the vocabulary on p. 89 on a concept check.

D. Read The Jungle, immigration framework. Due:  Sept. 3 for MW, Sept. 4 for TTh (second week of school). Purposes: To introduce the plight of the poor immigrant in US history; to examine class heirarchies; to discuss the effects of marginalization.  Requires: reading, picking and reproducing with correct punctuation any five quotes that seem important and will help you recall the work, answering study questions in whatever form (not to turn in) so you are prepared for a Sept. 3-4 concept check.


Please prepare to read Black Elk Speaks weekend of Sept. 5-6-7; start early if you are a slow reader or need time to absorb information; the whole book is assigned.