Past homework

I will accept late work up to a week after the due date; if you have serious extenuating circumstances, let's talk as soon as you know that!


Weeks of August 31 and Sept. 7

A. Due second day of class. Short reading on success in history class, five quotes, and reaction. Use the text here. Pick five short quotes (you can use a few paraphrases too, but don’t have to) from the short essay and write or type them for me. After each one, respond with your thoughts about how this quote relates or does not relate to you and your intended mode of operation in this class.

B. Due second day of class EXCEPT for MW class, which is not going to do this because of the Labor Day holiday on Sept. 7. Snapshots and why history matters. Consider the Global and also the US Snapshots.It will take time to read and think about them. Come to class the second day with THREE of the factoids copied on paper (not electronic)--choose three you have a reaction to, or three that relate to you, or three you care about. Prepare to discuss why in class. !

C. Due Sept. 9-10-11 (Weds., Thurs., or Friday of second week, depending on what class you're attending)-- Read Chapter 8 in your text The United States: A Brief Narrative History. Purpose: To acquaint you with the text, help you study for the concept check. Read the questions on p. 90 and consider them carefully--for example, a description of Reconstruction means to describe what it was like, not the politics behind it or Lincoln's unrealized dreams for it. Also be prepared for any of the vocabulary on p. 89 to be on your first concept check Sept. 9-10-11.

D. Due Sept. 9-10-11. Read The Jungle, immigration framework, do five MLA-formatted quotes. Purposes: To introduce the plight of the indigent immigrant in US history; to examine class heirarchies; to discuss the effects of marginalization, to have students begin to identify quotes that contain valuable information, to check students' grasp of five MLA formats on quoted material. Requires: Preview the study questions for the Jungle reading. Then read The Jungle chapters 14-15. Pick and reproduce with correct punctuation any five quotes (actually two paraphrases and three quotes) on paper--you will turn these in. Use the MLA portfolio handout as a guide. Pick quotes that seem important and will help you recall or explain the work. Finally, consider, study, and possibly answer the study questions in whatever form (not to turn in) to prepare yourself for a Sept. 9-10-11 concept check.:



Anything below this line could be seriously confusing to you, as it is based on past years and not your semester's work!

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