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welcome to history 2!


if you want trinkets they are on the shore. but if you want real treasure you will have to dive deep into the ocean.
—sufi saying



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OPTIONAL extra credit this week:

Work on being a fantastic student! Go to http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html Take the 44-question survey, then print your results. At the bottom of the results page click on the page that explains what all the results mean. Review all strategies suggested for someone who scores as you did, especially those that correspond to your learning style. Pick TWO strategies that you would be willing to try, and try them on the work I am assigning in our class. Write a paragraph after you try them on how they worked, and whether you'll use them again. Turn in your results and your paragraph for EXTRA CREDIT. If you want to know even more about learning styles, visit Gavilan College's own Jane Maringer's webpage:

Past extra credit opps are still on the past homework page. For more extra credit, go to the homepage




I will accept late homework up to a week after the due date; if you have extenuating circumstances, let's talk.

Attention all procrastinators and time-management-challenged students! Here are some resources for you!

Don't miss class! My History 2 classes are in SS 210, MW at 12:50,  TTh at 2:30, and Friday 9-12. So you can come to ANOTHER class if you miss yours, and if not see me ASAP when you return to school to go over what you missed and clarify homework expectations. We do a lot every day you're gone, so get the notes from a new or used friend?

Please note that I put next week's HW on this page on Weds. so if you are in the TTh or Friday class, or running late, you may need to look at past homework page below, and you must check your DATES to not get scrambled! 

homework due this week of August 25

Homework for Halper's History 2--first assignments


--Snapshots, web work and speaking. Due: second day of class( week of August 25). Purposes: To prepare for class, help me get to know you a little, to establish a snapshot of where history has brought us, and to allow you to consider how you feel about the future, given the past. Requires: webwork, writing. Consider the World & US Snapshots. Select three bits of information and reproduce them so you bring them with you on paper to class (not electronically!) We will work with these on the second day of class. Note: no written response, just the selections themselves.


--Read Chapter 8 in your text. Study the Short Paragraphs work on p. 90.  Due: the fourth day of class (second week of school). Know all the vocabulary on p. 89 for the first concept check. Do whatever writing/notetaking will help you retain the information for the concept check.


--Read The Jungle, immigration framework. Due:  the fourth day of class (second week of school). Purposes: To introduce the plight of the immigrant in US history; to examine class heirarchies; to discuss the effects of marginalization.   Requires: Preview the study questionsfor the Jungle reading. Then read The Jungle chapters 14-15. Then pick and reproduce with correct punctuation any five quotes on paper--you will turn these in--limit three sentences each, or shorter-- that seem important and will help you recall the work. Finally, answer the  study questions in whatever form (not to turn in) to prepare yourself for a Sept. 3-4 concept check.the first concept check.


Please prepare to read Black Elk Speaks Labor Day weekend.; start early if you are a slow reader or need time to absorb information; the whole book is assigned.


past homework