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welcome to history 2!


if you want trinkets they are on the shore. but if you want real treasure you will have to dive deep into the ocean.
—sufi saying



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reading strategies



Get a Rising Sun energy audit at your home; I have put posters in both classrooms so you can call to schedule this small step towards helping reduce energy consumption, climate crisis, and your carbon footprint. Bring me the pledge form at the end for extra credit. Note: they also have $16/hour jobs for college students in the area.

To start off well, work on being a better student! Go to http://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/ Read the material explaining the learning styles survey, then at the bottom click on the survey itself, and take it. Get your score and results, and print them out. Then go click on the Strategies link for your learning mode. Pick TWO that you would be willing to try, and try them on the work I am assigning in our class. Write a paragraph after you try them on how they worked, and whether you'll use them again. Turn in your results and your paragraph for extra credit.

Attention all sleep-deprived students--here are some resources for you, and see extra credit below left also

Attention all procrastinators and time-management-challenged students! Here are some resources for you!






Fall 2019 Student Hours in Social Science downstairs corner, SS 108: M 9-9:30, Tuesday 10:15-11, W 11:20-noon, Th 2--2:30 and at other times we can make it work!

We do a great deal every time we meet; if you must miss class the best practice is to see me before you miss or just after you return during my student hours to get caught up on hand-outs and information and to have assignments explained.

past homework  

We have a tutor! John Zgragen will meet students from any of my History 2 classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 2:30 in the Learning Commons in the Library. We may add Thurs 1:30 if students come to that hour, as well! He is johnathan.zgragen@my.gavilan.edu, 831 821 0829

Finals: Tuesday Dec. 10, 10:30 TTh SS 210 class

Weds. Dec. 11, 8 MW SS205 class

Weds. Dec. 11, 10:30 MW  SS210 class

My student hours: Tuesday Dec. 10 at 9:30, Weds. Dec. 11 12:30-1 p.m.

Due Dec. 4-5

1. Your glorious paper, bundled into an envelope with your audio on a memory stick and your self evaluation (last page of the oral history packet I gave out, or print it here.) I cannot take them late and will be leaving campus on Thursday at 2:30 so please get it all done or come talk to me about an Incomplete in the class. (You have to initiate an I; otherwise it's just a fail, which no one wants for you!)

2. Upload a copy of the paper WITHOUT the Works Cited onto Turnitin.com

3. Be scrupulously careful and honest about sources you use; much is at stake. Keep your sources over the weekend. I should be contacting TTh class on Friday-Sat. regarding books I need to check, and MW classes on Sunday-Monday. Please check whatever email you are using for Turnitin as that is what I will use, and there is not much time to get sources to me if there is a question.

4. I will take video outlines homework until your last day of class this week, but after that it would be silly to do them as they would not help you with your oral history assignment.

5. When possible, use the study sheet given in class to review and outline chunks of class content, and to think of ways you can organize information for recall on the final exam.

Finals: Tuesday Dec. 10, 10:30 TTh SS 210 class

Weds. Dec. 11, 8 MW SS205 class

Weds. Dec. 11, 10:30 MW  SS210 class

My student hours: Tuesday Dec. 10 at 9:30, Weds. Dec. 11 12:30-1 p.m.




I will accept late homework with a small penalty up to a week after the due date; if you have extenuating circumstances that require other arrangements, let's talk during my student hours or by arrangement.