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welcome to history 2!


if you want trinkets they are on the shore. but if you want real treasure you will have to dive deep into the ocean.
—sufi saying


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I will accept late homework up to a week after the due date; if you have extenuating circumstances, let's talk. Please note DATES--next week's HW may go up any time between Weds. and Thursday, so make sure you are looking at the proper week!

Attention all sleep-deprived students--here are some resources for you, and see extra credit below left also

Attention all procrastinators and time-management-challenged students! Here are some resources for you!

Finals week

My office hours are Monday 11-noon, Thursday 9:30 to 10:20. Otherwise, please email. Study using the study sheet and information from the in-class session. See you at 1 pm. Thursday for our final exam!

Week of Dec. 6

1. your paper. Turnitin info is here: login 13827930
password : jungle1

2. Finish the last assigned chapters in your text.

3. Come to class in the last week for final exam materials and the study session. Here's the study sheet.

If you want the extra credit and your informant is willing, fill out and have her/him sign the Deed of Gift and Informed Consent forms, and bring them to the final exam.



Don't miss class! If it is unavoidable, please plan ASAP to see me on an office hour--not just as class is starting, please!--when you return to school to go over what you missed and clarify homework expectations. We do a lot every day you're gone, so get the notes from a new or used friend?

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