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if you want trinkets they are on the shore. but if you want real treasure you will have to dive deep into the ocean.
—sufi saying


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Learn how to make sense of this election year! Three Gavilan faculty will talk about this election for president on Thursday Oct. 13 from 6-8 p.m. at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse. I'm one of them, and will try to give an historical perspective. Extra credit, free for students!


Educate yourself on what Black Ellk's descendents are up to this month by learning about the Dakota Access pipeline. Here is the corporate website; here is a stroy from the New York Times. Here is a Lakota website. Write me a couple of paragraphs about the rights that each side is using, and predict which side will win, and why.




I will accept late homework up to a week after the due date; if you have extenuating circumstances, let's talk. Please note DATES--next week's HW may go up any time between Weds. and Thursday, so make sure you are looking at the proper week!

Attention all sleep-deprived students--here are some resources for you, and see extra credit below left also

Attention all procrastinators and time-management-challenged students! Here are some resources for you!

homework due week of Sept. 26


1. Your corporate research topics with five sources in MLA format are due on Weds., Sept. 28. I will accept correctly done ones early.. Stop at nothing to get a good one! Take the time now to pre-research! Look over the Corporate Research project information given in class and on my research page above, and consider what corporation you want to research. Do some preliminary research to BE SURE you can find externalities that are significant before you commit to your company! Consider cosmetics, food, war, beverage, pharmaceutical, and apparel industries besides high tech, big box, and fast food.

2. Finish the last chapters of Black Elk Speaks, starting at Chapter 19 and reading through Neihardt's postscript. Look at the study questions for this section, linked above. Do five more MLA quotes using Black Elk as the source from these chapters only, and Neihardt as editor. Do a Work Cited page properly, especially if there were mistakes the first time around.

3. Prepare for research papers! Watch the following three short videos with a pencil and paper nearby. Outline them as you watch. An outline is NOT notes; it should have an outline structure down to at least three levels of detail. I will demonstrate in class. Hand in the three outlines to be graded; criteria are completeness, accuracy, and outline format. (All videos also at link above.)

#1 Why am I making you do a research paper?

#2 Approaching your college research paper

#3 What is a scholarly source?




Don't miss class! If it is unavoidable, please plan ASAP to see me on an office hour--not just as class is starting, please!--when you return to school to go over what you missed and clarify homework expectations. We do a lot every day you're gone, so get the notes from a new or used friend?

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