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if you want trinkets they are on the shore. but if you want real treasure you will have to dive deep into the ocean.
—sufi saying



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I will accept late homework up to a week after the due date; if you have extenuating circumstances, let's talk.

Attention all procrastinators and time-management-challenged students! Here are some resources for you!

A lot of students are missing class! The default is: come to the OTHER class if you can, and if not see me ASAP when you return to school to go over what you missed and clarify homework expectations. We do a lot every day you're gone, so get the notes from a new or used friend?

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Please note that I put next weeks HW on this page on Weds. so if you are in the TTh class, or running late, you may need to look at last week's--note DATES!

Due April 16-17

1.RESEARCH. This week you are I hope in the library getting BOOKS and other materials read so you have great detailled QUESTIONS to ask your source. You will want to present chronologies of your two themes (i.e., a Vietnam war timeline from your sources with input from informant) before you develop subthemes for each theme based on your informant's information and your research.

2. You can go back and watch videos 7, 9, and 10 if you never did (see past HW page.) I will give you slightly less credit, but enough to make it worthwhile. For extra credit, watch #8 and outline its contents (it's longish). I am not requiring an outline of your paper but if you are inspired after watching this to do one I will give you even more extra credit!

3. Finally, read the end of ch. 14 that we didn't read last week; it covers Korea and Vietnam. No concept check this week, but this stuff will be on the final!



Note: You may want to get your texts at locally-owned BookSmart in Morgan Hill, www.mybooksmart.com , 80 E 2nd St., Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 778-6467


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