Study Sheet for History 14 Final Exam--Spring 2002

I will ask some questions about history, and some about oral history, and some about how the two interact. Test will be 8 a.m. on June 6 unless we decide to hold it early. Be sure to attend; there is no make-up.


Be prepared to write essay answers to questions on the following historical topics:

How the changing environment has affected people in the 20th century

How modernism has affected outlooks and shaped them

The impact of WWI upon US society, including upon people of color

The Great Depression's impact on the US and its people

The competing ideas of melting pot, salad bowl, ethnic assimilation or lack thereof

History of Mexican-Americans in the Southwestern US

Women's changing status: voting, sexuality, work, education.

Effects of WWII upon those who fought it and those who did not

The Cold War and what happened during the "quiet" 1950s: civil rights, changes in women's status and family, consumerism, etc.

The effects of the Cold War upon the US budget and foreign policy

The Civil Rights Movement's development and multiplication

Praying for Sheetrock: what happens in the book, why it happens, what it means, what historical forces and what personal forces are at work, how white-Black relations worked and work

The second wave of feminist activity and its effects

The Vietnam War: why it was fought, and with what effects

Labor struggles for recognition: Harlan County, etc.

The Reagan-Bush years and the Persian Gulf War: what legacies each left.


Be prepared also to write about:

Planning for an oral history project

End uses of oral history

Techniques that do or don't work in doing oral history

The value of oral history

Study Reeves and Praying for Sheetrock. Some of the questions will be taken from concept checks and from Praying for Sheetrock.


My office hours during finals week will be Weds. 10-11, Thursday 10-11, and Friday 9:30-10:30.