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 Gavilan College Welcomes Dreamers! Dreamers are all students without U.S. citizenship and or permanent residence that includes AB540, SB68, DACA and all other undocumented students! At Gavilan College, we are committed to providing all students with the level of services and support they need.All students are welcome in this history class, whatever their background, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics.


"if you want trinkets, they are on the shore. But if you want real treasure, you will have to dive into the ocean."
—sufi saying


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"the way you do one thing is the way you do everything."--zen saying.

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my SS 108 office hours:Mon 10:15-11 Tues. Th 12;50-1:30 Weds. 2-2:30

My finals week office hours will be Weds. 9:45-10:30 and Thursday 9:45-10:30 ONLY. Please email all business that can't be done in person.

Class Assignments last updated 7 May 2019

Assigned 8 May for 15 May

1. Complete the turnitin upload WITHOUT your Works Cited.Please choose the Social Group Research Paper folder to upload into.

Login: 20774733

Class ID: zinn6


2. Finish the FrederickDouglass reading in one glorious swoop:

--finish through Chapter 24, when he frees himself.

Then read the following SIX additional chapters-- I include them by name rather than number, as the numbering is confusing given different editions of the book: One Hundred Conventions, Increasing Demands of the Slave Power, The Beginning of the End, Secession and War, Hope for the Nation, and Vast Changes.As an aid to studying for the final, I suggest you , make notes that include:

a. What happened in each chapter

b. How this affected Frederick Douglass

c. What we learn of the times and the Civil War

2. Study for the final exam. Our last day of class,May 15, will be a study session.


Assigned May 1 for May 8

1. Come to rough draft clinic with your paper, which is due with self evaluation and Turnitin.com upload on May 8 at the start of class. Be sure to stick closely to the social group paper assignment. It really helps, and you will undoubtedly get a better grade, if you can bring a good rough draft to RDC! Here are days and times--let me know if none of these work so we can try for another arrangement. Please note that if you don't sign up and no one comes on time, I may not know anyone needs the time, and could very well decide to occupy myself elsewhere! :

Monday May 6, 10:15, 12:50, and possibly 4 p.m. Please note that if no one comes, I may not be available after a fifteen minute wait at the start of each session unless I get an email from someone who is on the way.

Tuesday May 7, 12:50-2:30


Your final exam study sheet is also up here








The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. --Zen saying