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Sample test from a History 2 class--to give you an idea

Study guide for first test

Previous semester's final exam study guide


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Assignment one--week of 31 January: read Zinn interview, do reading notes on Zinn Chapter 1, answer study questions on Galeano's Genesis excerpts. (See syllabus for complete directions.)ALSO for OPTIONAL extra credit this week, work on being a better student! Go to http://www.metamath.com/lsweb/dvclearn.htm Read the material explaining the learning styles survey, then at the bottom click on the survey itself, and take it. Get your score and results, and print them out. Then go back to the first page and click on the Four Strategies link. Review all strategies, especially those that correspond to your learning style. Pick TWO that you would be willing to try, and try them on the work I am assigning in our class. Write a paragraph after you try them on how they worked, and whether you'll use them again. Turn in your results and your paragraph for EXTRA CREDIT




Zinn reading notes--how to prepare notes to turn in

Study questions for primary source readings

Study question notes for Zinn Chapters 2, 7, 9 (please note that you will need to do your own for other chapters) See a Zinn study question notes model (chapter one) by John Seals

Tips for taking concept checks--a big chunk of your grade!

Tips for reading Zinn's textbook--eight tips to help you grasp what the man is saying



How to cite sources within your paper

Sample of what your five sources/Works Cited needs to resemble

Sample of how to do your ten quotes



Constitutional paper due October

Model Constitutional issues paper by A. Negrete

Self evaluation for Constitutional paper

Social Group Research Paper due December

Self evaluation for Social Group research paper

Some good Research Tips to get you started on your Social Group paper


Great Social History papers:

Shannon Spillane on Ireland's Chief Export: People

Jennifer Bondi on The Cherokee Trail of Tears

Carmelo Jimenez on The Californianos


Jacqueline Bernhardt on Women Slaves in the Nineteenth Century

Tatiana Gallardo on Enslaved Children in the Nineteenth Century


Benj. Franklin likeness

Who's your favorite founding parent? Washington, Jefferson, and the three Adamses were important, but for best-rounded founder (in more ways than one--he was quite big in the belly) whose contributions were important in many many fields, I would have to choose Benj. Franklin. He was a writer, a printer, a statesman, a bon vivant, an inventor, a free thinker, an innovator, a peacemaker, a traveler, an abolitionist, a humorist, a sensualist, and a scientist. For many people, he came to symbolize the extraordinary potential and vitality of the new country and its citizens.