Sustainable Living

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Week one: Introductions

Some carbon footprint options--these all yield different results that can help you understand all the factors, but no fair shopping for the one that makes you look best! Please be sure to do the first one,, whatever else you do!


Environmental groups worth supporting, easily found on Google:

Greenpeace, EarthJustice, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Acterra, Real Goods, Coop America,


Good environmental information --Acterra's great one-stop for all our topics, and the parent of our class --THE starting place for most anything you need to know to argue your point. --World Resources Institute Homepage with lots of sobering information


Week two: Waste

(please also visit Acterra Green Teams page, for the best waste links you'll ever need) City of Gilroy environmental programs, including garbage and recycling, household haz waste,energy and water conservation Not a user-friendly site in Hollister, but this is where the garbage gets collected The most extensive of the local governments' environmental information sites, Morgan Hill has the usual waste, water, and energy links, but other good stuff, too, including a link for teachers who want environmental speakers An excellent site for Monterey county residents Not well developed, but links to San Benito county departments including waste management,4760,sid%253D11383,00.html Enviromental Health Dept. SCCCo,4760,sid%253D12284,00.html Santa Clara County Integrated WasteManagement



Week three: Chemicals Learn about toxic sites in your community. Check here for toxins in your area Search by chemical for what's in your product/s For homework this week: check

out one cosmetic used in your household, and one cleaning product Information about

contaminants and pharmceuticals in streams and water supplies NRDC report on what's in

your water

Week four: Transport Great guide to many steps you can take in the bay Area to improve you transport profile! --A complete consumer guide to all sorts of cleaner cars, including Zero Emission vehicles of good info about hybrids Detailed info on hybrids. old fashioned information on fuel economy. Resources for carfree life Carfree living from a practitioner Sprawl information of every kind Activist resources and ideas to cut sprawl Article on air pollution inside your car, which may be worse than outside Find out what your car puts into the atmosphere each year Good basic tips on saving gas, money, and therefore the environment Petroleum addictions and what you can do about them Take back your time day information The ten simplicities by Duane Elgin, one of the founders of the movement


Week Five: Energy


Week Six:Food & Drink