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San Benito County  
Homeless Coalition of San Benito County 

Mission:To provide winter shelter and services to a diverse homeless population.

Activities: The San Benito County Homeless Taskforce has worked for many years to assist those in our community who find themselves without the resources to provide for themselves.

Needs this semester:Preparation for the opening of the shelter: The student assisting with this agency would help to coordinate the intake and follow up of forms and procedures, solicitation of key donation items that will be needed this coming fall and winter, update the content of the agency website, conduct follow up interviews with former clients, assist in a count and assessment of homeless community members, assist in the enhancing of marketing materials, and assist in the Gavilan College research projects associated with the shelter. The taskforce is in need of one qualified student volunteer to support in the preparation and service to those in need of assistance.

Research-Counting the SBC Homeless Population: The taskforce has worked for many years to assist those in our community who find themselves without the resources to provide for themselves. Due to having no permanent home, it is difficult to fully know how many homeless individuals and/or families exist in San Benito County. The Homeless Task Force needs a valid count of the homeless in this county to accurately plan the needed resources that will be used to assist those in need. The group that selects this assignment will work with the agency to develop a count of those homeless in SBC. The group will, through this process, research the needs of its potential participants and help the shelter better prepare to meet the needs.

Special information : The student who works directly with the agency in preparation for the opening of the shelter would not have significant contact with those who might cause harm. No TB and background checks needed. The group conducting research would need to be aware of the health and safety issues associated with such activities. As this group would not work in the shelter, there are no TB or background checks required.

Who should apply: Students interested in mental health and substance abuse treatment needs within the county, especially those interested in a career in the area of social services. Volunteers should dress in appropriate attire for the casual office environment, or anticipated areas where the counting of the homeless might occur.

Contact information: Emery Smith, Homeless Task Force Board of Directors president 831.245.6235 or emerysmithii@me.com