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Gilroy Holister Morgan Hill

Community Partners: Gilroy

CARAS--organziation to help immigrants and youth with citizenship and services.

Chitactac Adams Park School Field Trips--county parks program to bring local Ohlone history alive to elementary school students.

City of Gilroy Recreation Program for Youth--city program to help give kids and teens great options for learning and growing

Eden Housing Resident Services--urban planning, housing development, neighborhood renewal after-school program for at-risk kids

Elections Division Santa Clara County--reaches out to educate voters and faciliate their participation in the democratic process

Gilroy Demonstration Garden--teaching garden for community good health

HOPE Services--employment and life skills for adults with disabilities

LGBTQ Youth Space--empowerment of youth through culturally competent, youth driven support and counseling services

Live Oak Adult Day Services--work with seniors to do programs and interviews.

Powerschool Gilroy After School Program--helps kids with school, nutrition, and enrichment

Santa Clara County Animal Shelter, San Martin--rescues, cares for, and adopts out animals. 

Si, Se Puede! Learning Center--provides farmworkers and their families with necessary services

St. Josephs Family Center-food, shelter, job skills development, and other services to homeless and underserved populations


updated 8/2016