Ceramic Supplies



          The tools in the picture are known as the basic potter's tool kit. It cost's between $10 and $15. The tools come in a clear plastic bag. I would discard that and put my tools in a bucket after labeling each tool with my name. The permanent marker will work, but fingernail polish is better. If the campus bookstore does not have it , it is on sale at Michael's Arts and Craft Store. KC has a few used tool kits for sale if money is an issue. In addition, lightweight plastic (like dry cleaning plastic or grocery vegetable bags) is necessary to wrap pots to keep damp; a number 2 pencil (not a mechanical pencil) is handy; two half gallon plastic containers to hold water and clay; two small hand towels (especially if you are throwing); an apron (if you are messy); a binder to hold handouts, notes and glaze logs. The following supplies are only occasionally used -- masking tape, permanent marker, scissors.

          Supplies may be substituted. Lots of stuff is sitting in your garage! You may substitute fishing line for the metal cutoff wire. Plastic cards (such as library cards, credit cards...) may be used as is or cut into similar shapes as the wood rib and the kidney shaped metal rib. The big loop tool is a pear tool. The small loop tool is known as a ribbon tool. A science probe or turkey needle may be substituted for the metal needle tool.

           We use only high fire clay in the Gavilan studio. If you bring clay from outside the studio, you must test it before using. Clay is available for sale in the studio. Recycle is $1/log. New clay is $8.

          If you decide to continue with clay there are many other tools. You might want to add a good plastic rib, a wooden paddle and a wooden throwing tool. These tools are available to borrow in the studio. Please do not stash in a locker as all classes need to share these tools. A set of wheels is probably advisable if you plan to take clay back and forth from school.