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Intro to Online Gavilan


Lectures 1-6 Using the Moodle Classroom System:
1. Are you ready for online?
Covers the basic types of online instruction, including completely online courses, hybrid courses, and telecourses. Readiness quizzes that you can take and get immediate feedback.
2. Getting your computer ready.
Minimum standards for the computer, the Internet connection, the software and peripherals such as printers.
3. Moodle Basics
A quick tour around the different parts of the classroom system that we use at Gavilan - Moodle
4. Assignments and Quizzes
There are 4 different assignment formats, each one of them easy to use. Quizzes can be timed or not, allow multiple tries or only one, true/false or multiple choice or essay types.
5. Breadcrumbs and Activities
How to navigate around the Gavilan online classroom.

Technical Questions
Technical support policies, when to contact your instructor, and when to contact the distance education coordinator, links to download browsers & plug-ins.

Lectures 7- 13 Online Student Services at Gavilan:
7. Admissions and Records
You've completed your application and you're enrolled for classes.  What other services does the Admissions and Records Office provide? Where to go for help.
8. Gavilan Library
How to apply for a library card, how to order books and periodical articles, how to get help from the reference librarian.
9. Financial Aid
What grants and scholarships are available for you? FAFSA application online, details on how to apply, other grants you can apply for, where to go for help.
10. Counseling
Get help with your education plan, find out which courses will transfer to 4-year schools, how to maximize your chances of acceptance at UC or CSU campuses.
11. TRIO, DRC, CalWorks, EOPS, MESA & Puente
All the groups that focus on particular students. Are you the first person to go to college in your family? Find out who will lend you textbooks and a laptop.

Gavilan Bookstore
How to order textbooks and materials.


Health Services

Links to resources, GavTV's "Ask Alice", coming events, on-campus services.

Lectures 14-15 Study Skills & Academic Honesty

Study Skills
The way you study for a class might have to change if your class is online.

15. Academic Honesty
Learn the complete definition of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

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