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Intro to Online Gavilan

Lesson 4

Assignments & Quizzes


There are 4 different types of assignments that your instructor might give you:

  1. online text,
  2. upload a single file,
  3. upload multiple files, and
  4. offline activity.


If you've done the first 2 assignments in lessons 1 and 2, you've seen the first type, the online text. This version basically asks you to type your answers into an editing box.

At the bottom of the assignment page, you should see a button like this:

Click on that Edit my submission button and you'll get the text editing box:

Look at all those things you can do! Change the font style or size, bold or italicize or underline your text, put in pictures or happy faces, insert links, make numbered or bulletted lists. Just don't forget to click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen. This is the button that actually submits your assignment to the instructor.

If the assignment is more than a couple of sentences, it is strongly recommended that you first write it in a word processing program, save it to your computer, then copy and paste it into this text box. Then you can add all the fun colors and bolding and pictures.

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Uploading single or multiple files is basically the same procedure.

screenshot of file upload function

  1. Click on the Browse button, and find the file you want on your computer.
  2. Once the file has been selected, it should appear in the textbox. Click on the Upload this file button.
  3. You're finished!
  1. Unless you forgot to Browse to your file. Then the system will complain:

    Go back and click the "Browse..." button to find a file.


Offline Activities are useful when the assignment is performed outside of Moodle. It could be something elsewhere on the web or face-to-face. It could be something as simple as "Read chapters 2 and 3 of your text".

You will be able to see a description of the assignment, but you can't upload files or enter text.



Quizzes come in many forms. There are long, timed midterm and final exams, which might include essay questions along with multiple choice, matching, or true/false questions. There are weekly quizzes that might let you take the quiz over and over until you get a perfect score.

Most quizzes will give you instant feedback, at least on the objective portions of the quiz, as soon as you submit your answers. The essay questions, of course, cannot be graded so quickly and have to wait for your instructor's attention.

You'll see a total score for your attempt:

And for most quizzes, you'll be able to see the details, question by question:


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