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The Gavilan bookstore is owned by the Follett Company.  Go to their webpage for current hours and instructions for ordering books and other class materials on line.

The Cost of Books and What You Can Do About It

Many students are surprised at the cost of college texts. The obvious college cost is tuition but for some students, books actually cost more than enrollment fees.You must have the required books to be successful in your courses. Too many students postpone buying their books until they are too far behind to catch up.

Here are some hints to find the best buys or get help with costs:

  • Check the bulletin boards outside the bookstore at the beginning of each semester. The ASB coordinates a “Books for Sale” board where students post notices to either buy or sell used books at great low prices.
  • Check the library to see if your textbook is on reserve. You can either use it there or check it out, depending on the arrangement the instructor has made with the library. Ask the instructor if a book can be placed on reserve in the library if one is not already there.
  • Check with the Financial Aid Office to see if “ASB Book Loans” are available. A certain amount of money for book loans is available through these programs each semester. The amount will not pay for all your books, but it may help you with one or two.
  • Books can be sold to the bookstore during “buy-back” periods. The amount you will receive depends upon several factors:

    - Will the same edition of the book be used the following semester?

    - Has the bookstore already purchased enough of your book to stock

      the shelves?

  • Ask the bookstore when the best buy-back period is. This could make a significant difference in the amount of money you receive for your books.The price of books is not determined by the college, but by the publishing companies, and whether the same book will be used at the college the following semester.


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