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Financial Aid

"I wish I had known about financial aid before I registered."

The cost of an education may not hit you until you actually have to come up with the money. California community colleges were once free. Then the cost became $5 per unit, then $6, suddenly up to $26, and back down to $20 per unit in January of 2007. Still the best buy in

public education.

Financial aid helps pay for tuition, textbooks, supplies, transportation and any other educational expenses that might get in your way and keep you from attending school. This Financial Aid Budget shows a typical cost of attending Gavilan College. Figures could change for extra expenses like child care, the purchase of a computer, or expenses related to a disability.

We offer many programs to assist you in achieving your educational and career goals. These programs can come in 4 different forms:

  1. Scholarships - you do not have to repay.
  2. Grants - you do not have to repay.
  3. Work study - you earn the money through on-campus work.
  4. Loans - you do have to repay.

Please contact the Financial Aid office at 848-4727 with any questions that you may have. We are here to help you! 

The Financial Aid Process


  • Complete all sections of the FAFSA
    (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

    The FAFSA website is provided by the federal government and is, "free, fast, easy and secure", plus available in Spanish.
  • If you have questions while you are completing the FAFSA, call (408) 848-4727 for assistance from the Gavilan College Financial Aid Office Staff or visit: completefafsa. If completing your FAFSA online, you may sign by using your PIN or by printing, signing, and returning the signature page to:
  • Federal Student Aid Programs
    P.O. Box 4691

    Mt. Vernon, IL 62864-0059

  • Federal regulations require that you provide your social security number when applying for federal aid programs. Be sure to have the correct number on your application.
  • In Step 5, 83-93, be sure to include the correct code for Gavilan College - 001202.
  • Read and respond to all correspondence sent to you by the Gavilan College Financial Aid Office or by the Federal Student Aid Program.
  • Approximately two to six weeks after your file is complete, you will receive your financial "award letter" from our office along with information about when your check(s) will be mailed.
    Important note: If you file your FAFSA online, your processing time is 2-4 weeks. If you file by mail, your processing time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Please call the financial aid office if you have any questions: 408 848 4727.

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