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Tip 27
Adding Music to Your Presentation

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Adding Music to Your Presentation

You can play an audio file so it plays throughout your entire presentation.
Procedures to adjust the sound settings to play throughout the whole presentation:

Display the slide to which you want to add the music file (usually the first slide).

1. Click on the Insert tab.
2. Under the Media group, click on the down arrow next to the Audio button arrow and select Audio from File to insert your audio file onto your slide.
3. In the Insert Audio dialog box, navigate to your music choice (sound file) and click the Insert button.

4. Select the Audio icon sound icon. See Tip 14 for more details.

5. You can edit the Audio file with the Audio Tools tab that comes up each time you select the sound file. Within the Audio Options group, locate the Start drop-down list, select the Play across slides option and click the Loop until Stopped checkbox.

Sound icon selected
i.e. Audio icon selected
Audio Tools Playback tab
Procedures: Adjust the sound settings to play throughout selected slides:
1. Repeat the above steps 1 through 4. Select the Animation Tab and under the Animations group, click on the Animation Pane.

2.The Audio file appears selected in the Animation pane.

3.Click the down arrow on the selected audio file and click the Effect Options... link.

4. The Play Audio dialog box appears.


Audio file selected in Animation pane

5. On the Effect tab, under Start playing, make sure the From beginning option button is selected.

6. Under the Stop playing, click After, and then set the total number of slides the file should play on.

7. On the Audio Settings tab, you can change the Sound volume and Hide the sound during the show.

8. Click the OK button.

Play Audio dialog box
Please Note: Sounds are automatically linked to your file, rather than embedded in it. When your presentation has linked files, you must copy the linked files as well as the presentation if you are going to be giving the presentation on another computer.

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