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Tip 23
Applying an Animation Effect

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Apply an Animation Effect

Animation effects introduce individual slide elements one element at a time. Adding animations to a slide show helps to create a sense of movement and increases the visual appeal of the presentation. Powerpoint provides a wide array of animations. You can animate text, graphics, sounds, movies, and other slide objects.

Animation Tab More button
Figure 1: Animation tab, Animation group, More button arrow

1. Switch to Normal view.
2. Go to the slide containing the object you want to animate.
3. Select the object you want to animate.
4. Click on the Animations tab, and in the Animation group, select one of the recommended animations or click on the More More button button arrow.
5. The Animations Gallery displays.

6. Click on the desired effect.


Animation More Gallery
  Figure 2: Animation Gallery from the More button

Note: After an animation effect is applied, the Effect Options becomes active. You can click on the button and choose a sequence or a directional option. Some animations do not have an effect option associated with it.


Animation group with parts identified

Effects Option Gallery button
Figure 3: Effect Options button Figure 4: Effect Options button

To test it out, you can click on the Preview button under the Preview group in the Animation tab or you can preview it by clicking on the Slide Show view button on the right side of the status bar. Preview button Slideshow view button

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