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Tip 22
Adding an Action Button

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Using an Action Button

An action button is a built-in button that you can insert into your presentation. You can assign an action to occur upon the click of a mouse or with a mouse over. Action buttons are a type of hyperlink, created by using a shape. You can use the action button to link to another slide, another presentation, or a custom show.

Insert Tab Action button


1. Go to the slide on which you want to create an action button.
2. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the arrow under Shapes,
and a Shapes Gallery is displayed.
3. Under the Action Button section, click the button that you want to add.
4. Using the crosshair pointer ( crosshair pointer ), draw the button on your slide.
5. The Action Settings dialog box opens up.
Action Buttons gallery

6. In the Action Settings dialog box, you can either choose the behavior of the
action button when you click it (Mouse Click tab) or when you move the pointer
over it (Mouse Over tab).
7. To create a hyperlink, select the Hyperlink to: option button, and then select
the destination.
In the drop-down box, select the object to which you want to link
(next slide, slide, URL, ...)
8. If you select URL, you need to type in the address in the Hyperlink to URL
dialog box.

9. To play a sound, select the Play sound checkbox, and then select the sound that
you want to play.
10. Select OK to close the Action Settings dialog box.

Action Settings Dialog box
To test it out, you must be in the Slide Show view.

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