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Tip 20
Inserting a Shape

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Shapes are drawing objects that include: lines, arrows, stars, banners, ovals, rectangles and other basic shapes that are used to help convey a message by showing process and by containing text.

Insert Tab with Shape button arrow selected

Figure 1: Insert tab Shapes button arrow
Home Tab with Shapes More button
Figure 2: Home Tab with Shapes More button
Inserting a Shape:

1. Click on the Insert tab, and then in the Illustrations group, click the Shapes button to display the Shapes gallery.
2. Once you choose a shape, you need to draw the shape on your slide with the crosshair pointer.
3. To add text, just start typing when the shape is selected.

Or you can,

1. Click on the Home tab.
2. In the Drawing group, click on the Shapes button or you can click on the More button to insert the ready made shapes.
3. The Shapes Gallery displays when you click on the far right corner More button More button.
Shapes gallery
Formatting a Shape:
1. When you select the shape, the Drawing Tools Format tab is displayed on the Ribbon.
2. After you create a shape, you can add 3-D, glow, bevel effects, and shadows, or you can apply predefined Shape Styles that include a combination of formatting effects.
Drawing Tools Format Tab
Figure 3: Drawing Tools Format tab

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