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Tip 19
Inserting a Hyperlink

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Inserting a Hyperlink

You can add a hyperlink to your presentation and then use it to go to a variety of locations - for example, a custom show, a specific slide within your presentation, a different presentation altogether, a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or an Internet address.

You can create a hyperlink from any object-including text, shapes, tables, graphs and pictures.

Insert Tab with Links group unavailable
Figure 1: Insert Tab

When you go to the Insert tab, the Links section (Hyperlink) is grayed out.
You need to select an object before you can insert a hyperlink.

Insert a Hyperlink:
1. Switch to Normal View.
2. Go to the slide on which you want to create a hyperlink.
3. Select the object (text, image or autoshape) you want to use to insert the hyperlink.
4. Click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
5. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Links group.
6. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box opens up.
7. If you want to link your object to an Existing File or Web Page, make sure the button under the Link to: section is selected, then type your web page address in the Address:
text box. Click the Ok button.
Insert Hyperlink Dialog box with Website example

Edit a Hyperlink:
1. Select the object that you used to create the hyperlink.
2. Click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
3. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Links group.
4. The Edit Hyperlink dialog box opens up.
5. Make your changes and select Ok.
Edit Hyperlink Dialog Box
To test the hyperlink, you must be in the Slide Show view.

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