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Tip 17
Formatting and Applying Playback Settings for Video

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Formatting Video

Once you insert the video file onto the slide, there are several ways you can start it: you can have it play automatically when the slide displays; you can click it with the mouse, or you can create a timing for it so that it plays after a certain delay.

Once you insert the video on a slide, the video appears as a black screen. When you move your mouse pointer over the video, a Control Panel is displayed. From the
Control Panel
you can play/pause (Alt+P) the video file, move forward by 0.25 seconds (Alt+Shift+Right), move back by 0.25 seconds (Alt+Shift+Left), and adjust the volume setting. You can use the keyboard shortcut to Mute/UnMute the video (Alt+U). The control panel also displays the time that has elapsed since the start of the video.
Video file with Control Panel

The Video Tools Format tab contains the Preview, Adjust, Video Styles, Arrange and Size groups. You can resize and align your video. You can apply styles and effects to a video, change the video shape and border, and recolor it so it matches your theme.
Video Tools Format Tab
Figure 1: Video Tools Format Tab

The Video Tools Playback tab contains the Preview, Bookmarks, Editing, and Video Options groups. Under the Editing group, you can Trim the Video or Fade the Duration of the video. Under the Video Options group, you can change the Sound volume,choose your Start option, Play Full Screen, Hide the video while not playing, Loop and Rewind.
Video Tools Playback Tab
Figure 2: Video Tools Playback Tab

To play the video, you can set it to start automatically when the slide displays or to start on a mouse-click. If you don't want the video to be visible, you can hide it and set up the audio to play automatically.
Choosing your Start playing option:

Video Tools Playback Tab   Video Options

Under the Video Tools Playback tab, under the Video Options group, you have 2 options from which to start playing your video file.

FIRST OPTION: When you choose the option (Automatically), the video plays when your slide appears.

SECOND OPTION: When you choose the option (On Click),the audio plays when you click on the video.

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